Intimate Parites Group (IPG) Hotel Takeover Review

On March 7, 2020 we attended the Intimate Parties Group (IPG) hotel takeover in New Jersey.  We wanted to attend one or two more of their takeovers prior to writing this review, but since we do not know when that might be we decided to share this now.  Of importance and to put this event into context, this was about a week prior to everything being shutdown due to Covid and it was our impression that attendance was suppressed as a result.  Going into the takeover we had heard mixed reviews from couples we knew, some saying it was their favorite takeover and others, and we heard this consistently, telling us that it was generally an older crowd that attended.  We did not attend both days, but only the Saturday portion of the event and we didn't arrive until around 3-4 p.m.  We were told that Friday was fairly empty, but that is common with all hotel takeovers we've been too.  There have been a few where we were shocked to find Friday night super packet, but generally speaking it will be a smaller crowd.  

The hotel itself was under renovation so it wasn't the prettiest sight inside.  We made it in time for the speed dating.  Most takeovers we attend have speed dating and we always recommend attending.  We've met plenty of couples through it that we ultimately played with later in the evening.  Anything prior to the speed dating for this takeover we cannot really speak to.  They had a party floor that had pre-parties and then the structure of the main party seemed odd to us.  Generally speaking when we attend these types of parties around 9 p.m. the main party takes place in the ballroom, so there will be a cash bar and a dance floor.  With IPG there was a comedy show with a light buffet and cash bar in the ballroom that then followed by a separate party after in the hotel's bar/lounge.  We felt the comedy show sucked the energy out of the party.  To get a good seat meant lining up outside the ballroom around 8/8:30 p.m. and then being seated and eating and watching a comedy show for over an hour was something we felt really detracted from the reason we were all there.  That was time that could be spelt building connections with other couples.  After the bar/lounge we went to the after parties on the party floor and did connect with a couple that we had a great time with and ultimately, when it comes to these types of parties, that is the true measure of success.  The couple we played with were in their thirties.  Overall it was an older crowd, but not one that would dissuade us from tying the party again.

One thing that was different was the staff for the party appeared to be very strict and hovering.  With ShareNation the staff and hosts are very personable and we've gotten to know them over time.  With Friction, aside from checking in, we actually cannot recall having much interaction with the staff, which is neither good or bad.  This isn't an issue, just an observation and might be attributable to the general unease surrounding Covid at the time.  

The pricing of the party and hotel were comparable to other takeovers.  Since this was back in march the exact amounts would take some looking up, but according to the ticket in our inbox it was $84.93 and the hotel was somewhere between $100 and $120 for the night.  Most of the other hotel takeovers require an additional membership fee with the group, but IPG does not.  Below you will find the actual description and schedule for the party to give you a better idea of the format of this takeover.

We are looking forward to having Covid behind us and hopefully IPG is still going strong when that happens and we will provide an updated review.  

If anyone has attended their events in the past and would like to add comments about it or even have us share their review please let us know.  Our experiences doesn't mean that another couple attending an event will have the same one as us and we do feel that having an accurate understanding of any of these events generally does take attending multiple times.



IPG Presents: COME PLAY WITH MY SHAMROCKS! & Leprechauns (little People) M/F Couple Strip Dancing/Glam Pictuess with EVERYONE in Audience.

For Tickets, Please CLICK or visit our Site INTIMATEPARTIESGROUP.COMComplete hotel info & Reservations Code PRINTED on your Tickets Confirmation.

Average & WHP Couples and single females ONLY (23 years old & older)

Event date and location
Friday March 6th & Saturday March 7th in Clinton, NJ. This secluded 5 STAR hotel has a private entrance AT THE TOP OF A HILL & a World Class Restaurant, HEADED INDOOR POOL, CLUB LOUNGE AND OVER THE TOP BALLROOM.

9pm - 3am
9pm-12am: AMAZING dance party at a luxurious lounge
12am-3am: DJ pool party! We promise, the pool won’t be the only thing getting you wet ;-)

2pm-6pm: Heated, indoor pool party that’s bound to get WILD! Enjoy a HOT, FREE, poolside massage.
5pm-6pm: BDSM demo...OBEY BITCH! DEMO
6pm-7:30pm: Pre-parties throughout the hotel! Hop around to all of them and taste the rainbow with some pre-play ;-)

(By ballroom from 9-11pm, all free tips welcome)

(Cash bar)
8:30pm-9pm: Complimentary LITE buffet
9:30pm-10pm: Best green costume contest
DANCE, DANCE AND DANCE W/ our AMAZING Club DJs, DJ Xtacy, DJ HD & DJ "Leave me alone!".

-2nd DJ HD dance party/new couples (No corned beef here, but we got lots of FRESH MEAT!)
- FREE massages room
- Green room (no 4 leaf clover required to get lucky)
(Many More Posted at the Event)

2am - til’ you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ;-)
Skinny dipping galore...because clothes are overrated! Heated, indoor pool party w. desserts! Plates and utensils are optional ;-)

Wear something green, or casual but neat, or dress to impress! keep it sexy! ;-)

Love you all!!
Joe & Maddy

2020 - End of the Year Update

We started off the year strong attending several several parties with the last one being an Intimate Parties Group (IPG) hotel takeover in New Jersey in the beginning of March.  The next party scheduled was a ShareNation hotel takeover in Rhode Island for mid March which was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid.  We were scheduled for the Bliss Cruise which was a week long swinger cruise headed to the Bahamas in April, but unfortunately, that too was cancelled due to Covid.  Since then we've decided to take a break from lifestyle activities until we can get the vaccine.  We are hopeful that we can get back into the "swing" of things by the late spring or early summer of 2021.  The goal was to really focus on reviewing parties and events we were attending on this blog moving forward but it isn't clear in 2021 which parties and groups will have survived Covid so the scene.  The blog does need some updating with respect to links to clubs and resources so moving into the new year we will see what we can do.  We also created a profile on Fetlife though it isn't clear how promising that site will be with making connections.  

Friction Hotel Takeovers

Friction hosts hotel takeovers in several states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio.  You can find them here:  We have been to three of their takeovers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  These parties are very similar to ShareNation takeovers. They are two day events, are full takeovers, have a theme, different daytime activities, and even operate off a Modern Life website format so a couple can copy their profile between the two sites.  These are couple and single female only takeovers, so no single men.  We went to two of their Halloween takeovers and one of their pool party takeovers.  The crowd is a younger crowd compared to the ShareNation NJ takeovers and are more on par with the ShareNation RI takeovers.  We haven't been able to figure out who the hosts are at these parties in the sense that at ShareNation the hosts, Janis and Carlos, are friendly, always available, and the face of the takeover, where Philly Friction it just isn't obvious to us.  We have noticed that the Fridays appear to be full takeovers and have more guests in attendance than we have seen at ShareNation.  We haven't been to an IPG takeover on a Friday night, but at a recent one we attended we were told by other guests that the Friday night wasn't crowded. Overall we enjoy the Friction takeovers and our plan is to continue to attend them.

To give an example of their format I've copied below their itinerary for the last party of theirs we attended back in October 2019.  This particular party cost us approximately $51 which was at a discount for early purchase.  A one year membership is $109, though there are also options for monthly, three months, and six months.  I cannot recall the cost of the hotel room per night but I believe it was somewhere between $100 and $150.

Friday, October 26:

SDC kick off Friday Night - "The Devils Desire" 9 PM: This event starts off in the PRIVATE Lounge with a Cash bar and music. Then following the lounge we will move to the amazing, sexy pool set up at 11PM! Erotic lighting, party music, a huge Jacuzzi. (You can stay and party in the lounge also until 2 AM - Your choice). We will have the pool decked out all in RED lighting for this event.

Saturday, October 27:

11 AM: -Yoga class with Melicent & Bradford "SynWithUs" - Please bring your own mats. We will have water & towels

1 to 2 PM - Pole dancing class in main ballroom with Alyisha

12:30 AM:  Late night pizza served compliments of Friction

12:30 AM- Pool opens back up for After party with dance/sexy music for truly erotic experience. (CASH BAR) Guest DJ NIPS/DJ Dominic Anthony will have you partying all night long!

2:30 PM - Erotic massage classes - learn how to give your partner an erotic massage.

2 PM- Early check in & open sexy swim in the indoor pool - great way to meet sexy members before the main event!

7:00 PM - Special ultra sexy guest host" RJNALLIE" pre meet. Intro for newbies/Friction parties and open to all on 4th floor suite with light appys & shots.  Our biggest pre meet with lots of room to socialize.

9 PM- 1:30 AM -Main event (CASH BAR) in ballroom with DJ RUPE, stripper poles, dance cage.. A PLAYROOM will be available across from the ballroom till 3 AM as well as a quite lounge for hanging, talking & getting to know others. The downstairs lounge will also be open with music, drinks and food. MANY OPTIONS!

2:AM -FRICTIONS famous Floor crawl on the 3rd Floor -"Shots to Share-Trick or Treat" theme - We ask that if you request this floor & are staying on this floor, that you MUST have doors open and participate. If you like to retire to a quiet floor than please do not choose this floor for your room. EVERYONE will have the chance to meet someone on this night.

Clubs & Parties Update

This past year we've been going to lifestyle parties on an almost weekly basis.  The lack of posts have merely been because I did not see the benefit of reviewing the same venues over and over again. I also didn't see the point in reviewing one off or private house or hotel parties.  We did head to Philly Friction for the first time in October 2018 and were signed up to go again this past weekend.  Unfortunately they had an issue with the hotel and had to cancel the party so we went to Share Nation in Rhode Island instead, which was a blast, just like all the other Share Nation takeovers we've been to in both New Jersey and Rhode Island.  I wanted to hit one more Philly Friction before writing the review of that takeover.  I have updated the Clubs and Parties section to include hotel takeovers, cruises, and resorts.   We're signed up for the 2020 Bliss Cruise so that will be something new.