Caligula - An Updated Review

It has been a little over a year since Caligula opened its doors in Astoria and just as much time has passed since we last visited the club. The first time we had gone we found the crowd out of our age range and did not return. For Saturday, October 11, 2014 there were only two events going on in the New York City/Long Island area, which was the Mayor's Party and Jimmy's Birthday at Caligula. For those of you that have been reading my ramblings you will have noticed that I had unkind words for the Mayor's Party several posts back, so that left one option for this weekend.

This was a couples/single females only event. Over a hundred profiles signed up on Swing Life Style (SLS).  By signing up on SLS and arriving before 11:30 p.m., the entry fee was $65.00.  It is BYOB.  We arrived at 10:30.  There were not a lot of couples there yet.  When you first walk in you are confronted with a young lady which checks your SLS name against a list and takes your money.  I believe you can also coat check there as well.  Then you proceed into the club.  It is a two floor venue.  When you first walk in to the right is a large bar, straight ahead are bathrooms, and to the left is a large dance area, stage, and seating.  Out back is a smoking area. Upstairs are private, semi-private, and open play areas and additional bathrooms.  In New York these clubs are NOT allowed to sell alcohol.  However, one of the guests did tell us that for $5.00 a pop you could get a mixed drink.  Keep this in mind because they are potentially setting themselves up for New York City to come in and shut them down by doing so.  I personally do not want to be having sex upstairs and the place gets raided because they are improperly selling alcohol without a liquor license.

We had messaged several guests on the SLS guest list that we thought were potentials earlier in the day.  Only one responded.  That couple when we went and introduced ourselves looked approximately ten years older than their photos.  Not appealing.  We then noticed a couple walk by as we were talking to them, James and Elise.  Elise was the usual thin attractive brunette that is my type.  We ejected from the couple we were speaking with and went and introduced ourselves.  We hung out with them and mingled with other couples for about another hour or so and then headed upstairs to the play areas.  Elise is proud to call herself a voyeur and an exhibitionist, and this she definitely was.  There was a private room available which my girlfriend immediately made a b-line for, but Elise was having none of that.  She wanted the most open room available.

There was some girl on girl action and then we did the switcharoo.  I have to say that this girl was phenomenal in bed.  It had more to do with the way she would look at me than anything else, but after about 20 minutes of fucking she started doing this hip circular motion while in missionary and had located her legs behind me, so I was not getting out of it.  It felt so damn good that I was just done.  I don't know what it is, but the last few girls I've played with have been a little more aggressive with their participation in the actual fucking and I've come to realize that I definitely like that.  Meanwhile during all of this there had to be about thirty people around our bed just watching us have sex.  Throughout being in the lifestyle I've had sex just in a room with our play partners, and in open areas where people can watch, and I just do not care for having an audience.

When we cleaned up and went back down to the first floor the place was packed.  There were definitely quite a few attractive couples under the age of 35 walking around.  We are very happy we decided to come back, but a few regulars had mentioned that this was not the typical size or makeup of the crowds.  So the lesson here is that if it is a large event like the host's birthday, it is worth the visit.  Hopefully they stop with the liquor sales there though.  Stupid behavior results in poor outcomes.  

Final Verdict: Visit when they are having a large party, otherwise pass for a different venue throwing a large party.

Swing Life Style (SLS) Fixes Photo Gallery Security Concern

So this is an interesting one.  It was brought to the attention of the administrators of Swing Life Style (SLS) during the week of October 13, 2014 that there was a security issue with their photo galleries.  It was possible for logged in users to view private galleries of other users without actually being granted access to those galleries by the owners of them.

Doing a search online I noticed a posting on a discussion board in August 2014 discussing ways to access SLS galleries that were private.  It is likely this discussion thread set off the administrators of SLS to address the issue.

It is our understanding that this photo gallery issue has been in existence for many years.  It could have been a useful piece of knowledge to those who were aware of it.  Imagine that they could see what members looked like prior to messaging them, see what they looked like before responding to them if they failed to open up their private galleries prior to initial contact, or see what people looked like on event guest lists without having to message each of them to find out.  

But all in all, I do find it amusing that it took SLS this long to realize this issue.  This incident does provide some useful lessons:

(1) Loose lips sink ships.  The idiot that posted the exploit on the discussion thread was an idiot if he ever intended to use that information again in the future.  Once any type of security flaw is posted publicly on the internet, everyone will know and then it will be repaired and no longer useful in very quick order.

(2) This is also a nice wake up call to those that think that posting any photos online can actually be private.  There is no such thing.  Don't post something online unless you are okay with the whole world seeing it at some point.  There are people still out there that think a script that shuts off right click function on a website prevents people from saving photos.  They must never have heard of print screen.  And after the celebrity nude photos leak from the iCloud, can anyone really think that once a photo is off your computer or cell phone it is really secure?

Obviously while such news may be concerning for those either already signed up to SLS or thinking of joining, I still believe it is the best website for facilitating swinging encounters in New York.  And SLS is not the only site with imperfect site designs.  Other sites have had security flaws as well.  Just be cautious with what you share online generally speaking and there should be no worries.

New York Area Lifestyle Clubs & Parties

Below is a list of all the active on-premise clubs, off-premise clubs, and lifestyle parties in the New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Philadelphia areas.  If you believe a club or party is no longer active or should be added feel free to send us an e-mail and we will add the link to our next update.  We will only add links to established clubs and parties.  If the club or party does not have a dedicated website we will not add it.  There may be less established parties that can be found through the various lifestyle sties on the event postings.


Long Island, New York

Club Encounters: 45 Kean Street, West Babylon, NY 11704

Manhattan, New York

Bowery Bliss
Club Labyrinth
Club Oasis
Le Trapeze
Taste Lounge

Queens, New York


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Role Play

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pleasure Garden
Saints & Sinners


Long Island

The Manor


New York

Adult Socials
Behind Closed Doors - The School of Sex (Read Review at New York Press)
Chemistry NYC
Club Play
Do You Know George?
Hats Off Couples Lounge
ShareNation Events
Miss Lola's House
NYC Gangbang Party
One Leg Up NYC
Red Light Events
Roberto's Night Club Events
Skin NYC
The Couples Network
The Hamptons Party

New Jersey

Red Door Parties


Philly Friction

To Viagra or Not to Viagra - An Interesting Couple Dating Experience

For Saturday, September 27, 2014 we traveled to New Jersey for a date with a couple, Lisa and Pat. They had sent us a message on Swing Life Style (SLS) several weeks earlier expressing interest and had opened up their pictures. He resembles Joe Rogan and she is a short cute thin blonde. We made the two and a half hour drive from Long Island out to their part of Jersey (there was traffic) and met for drinks at a nice restaurant. 

Now before we continue, on this little excursion I took with me Viagra, which I have never brought along before when meeting a couple. I had ordered a small supply online about six months ago after a very bizarre experience where we met up with a couple who we had played with before, and for some reason things just were not working right. I think it was a combination of circumstances on that particular night and I have not had any issues since, but I decided that I wanted a back up plan just in case something like that arose again.  This particular couple had told us since we were traveling so far we could stay the night and I had a funny feeling that they may have in mind playing the entire night too, so I took a single 100mg pill, cut it in half, and put it in a little pill bag and took it along with us just in case.

Some of you may be wondering where I got the pills from.  I suppose you can just get a prescription from your doctor.  Not all insurance carriers will cover the cost of the pills; mine doesn't.  I just decided to go with Kwik Med.  As far as I can tell it is the only online licensed pharmacy for this types of pills.  

From doing my research and giving one of this bad boys a test run after getting them there are several things that come into play when you take it.  The guy taking it may get very flushed and feel hot, and the effects kick in within thirty minutes, not to mention when you get going, you can pretty much keep going for quite awhile.  I've since been able to pick out who is using it at different parties we've gone to just from their faces turning beat red before any action has happened.

We went back to their place and began drinking.  When we first got there Pat vanished for a few minutes and shortly after his head looked like an apple.  I was sitting there thinking, "aw fuck, he took Viagra."  I had no intention of taking it when we first got there, but I assumed this was going to be a marathon session.  I waited until we were a few drinks in and Lisa was down to wearing nothing but underwear.  I then went to the bathroom and popped my half a pill.  I have to say, this is the one time in my life that I was glad I took Viagra.  This girl rode me like I was a bull.  I think the four of us fucked for several hours straight, which I definitely could not have done without that pill.  

Now for an oddity.  At some point I came and went to the bathroom to clean off.  When I came back to the bedroom I was still rock hard.  I laid down on my back on the bed and Lisa began sucking my cock.  She then climbed on top of me to make out with me.  She was stroking my cock with one of her hands and then lifted up and sat right onto my cock and began riding it, no condom, completely bareback.  Now this is not something we do with couples and it wasn't something we discussed with Lisa and Pat.  I've had girls do this before and I just calmly withdraw and put a condom on.  There really is no point freaking out.  We continued to fuck in a variety of positions for some time and then took a bathroom time out.  When I came back from the bathroom, she was lying on her back.  I went down on her some more and when she came I came back up, made out with her a bit and she began rubbing my cock against her pussy and trying to put it in.  Again, no condom.  So I leaned back again from her and grabbed a condom and she actually took the condom from me, put in next to her, and closed her legs and turned her body.  I'm fairly sure she just denied me sex for grabbing a condom.  I don't normally come across girls that want to play without a condom.  Pete was not trying any of that with my girlfriend, so I am not sure the two of them even have had this discussion among themselves.   Even odder was that right before we first began having sex earlier in the night, she was the one that reached over onto the night stand and handed me one of my condoms to put on, so what changed?

We did have some more sex with a condom, but I have to say, the whole bareback thing came out of left field.  We then moved over to some sort of oddly shaped couch in the room.  I think the couch is specifically made for sex, but I haven't seen one before.  It looked interesting, but trust me, fucking on it wasn't really that fun. Maybe I wasn't using it right. When we first went on this couch contraption, she again tried for the bareback.  I fully understand why guys enjoy fucking bareback.  It feels great.  Better than with a condom on.  Why a girl wants to?  I really don't know.  My girlfriend really cannot tell the difference between the two with respect to sensation.  

 All in all my girlfriend told me Pat came three times.  While I only came once, I am pretty sure I could have came a second time, but just never got around to actually coming.  The wonders of that blue pill lol.  They sang our praises, we wished each other a good night, and prepared for bed. My girlfriend could not find her panties.  We looked high and low.  We left their home around 8:30 a.m. before they woke up; still no panties.  At breakfast that morning we received a text from them that Lisa woke up wearing my girlfriend's panties.  Pretty funny.  At least we know they weren't some odd panty collectors.  That may have been too much to handle.  

We actually liked them a lot.  More so than a lot of couples we played with.  Aside from the bareback thing, which is easily avoidable in the future considering I now know she has a tendency towards it, we had a blast and will probably meetup with them again.