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To Viagra or Not to Viagra - An Interesting Couple Dating Experience

For Saturday, September 27, 2014 we traveled to New Jersey for a date with a couple, Lisa and Pat. They had sent us a message on Swing Life Style (SLS) several weeks earlier expressing interest and had opened up their pictures. He resembles Joe Rogan and she is a short cute thin blonde. We made the two and a half hour drive from Long Island out to their part of Jersey (there was traffic) and met for drinks at a nice restaurant. 

Now before we continue, on this little excursion I took with me Viagra, which I have never brought along before when meeting a couple. I had ordered a small supply online about six months ago after a very bizarre experience where we met up with a couple who we had played with before, and for some reason things just were not working right. I think it was a combination of circumstances on that particular night and I have not had any issues since, but I decided that I wanted a back up plan just in case something like that arose again.  This particular couple had told us since we were traveling so far we could stay the night and I had a funny feeling that they may have in mind playing the entire night too, so I took a single 100mg pill, cut it in half, and put it in a little pill bag and took it along with us just in case.

Some of you may be wondering where I got the pills from.  I suppose you can just get a prescription from your doctor.  Not all insurance carriers will cover the cost of the pills; mine doesn't.  I just decided to go with Kwik Med.  As far as I can tell it is the only online licensed pharmacy for this types of pills.  

From doing my research and giving one of this bad boys a test run after getting them there are several things that come into play when you take it.  The guy taking it may get very flushed and feel hot, and the effects kick in within thirty minutes, not to mention when you get going, you can pretty much keep going for quite awhile.  I've since been able to pick out who is using it at different parties we've gone to just from their faces turning beat red before any action has happened.

We went back to their place and began drinking.  When we first got there Pat vanished for a few minutes and shortly after his head looked like an apple.  I was sitting there thinking, "aw fuck, he took Viagra."  I had no intention of taking it when we first got there, but I assumed this was going to be a marathon session.  I waited until we were a few drinks in and Lisa was down to wearing nothing but underwear.  I then went to the bathroom and popped my half a pill.  I have to say, this is the one time in my life that I was glad I took Viagra.  This girl rode me like I was a bull.  I think the four of us fucked for several hours straight, which I definitely could not have done without that pill.  

Now for an oddity.  At some point I came and went to the bathroom to clean off.  When I came back to the bedroom I was still rock hard.  I laid down on my back on the bed and Lisa began sucking my cock.  She then climbed on top of me to make out with me.  She was stroking my cock with one of her hands and then lifted up and sat right onto my cock and began riding it, no condom, completely bareback.  Now this is not something we do with couples and it wasn't something we discussed with Lisa and Pat.  I've had girls do this before and I just calmly withdraw and put a condom on.  There really is no point freaking out.  We continued to fuck in a variety of positions for some time and then took a bathroom time out.  When I came back from the bathroom, she was lying on her back.  I went down on her some more and when she came I came back up, made out with her a bit and she began rubbing my cock against her pussy and trying to put it in.  Again, no condom.  So I leaned back again from her and grabbed a condom and she actually took the condom from me, put in next to her, and closed her legs and turned her body.  I'm fairly sure she just denied me sex for grabbing a condom.  I don't normally come across girls that want to play without a condom.  Pete was not trying any of that with my girlfriend, so I am not sure the two of them even have had this discussion among themselves.   Even odder was that right before we first began having sex earlier in the night, she was the one that reached over onto the night stand and handed me one of my condoms to put on, so what changed?

We did have some more sex with a condom, but I have to say, the whole bareback thing came out of left field.  We then moved over to some sort of oddly shaped couch in the room.  I think the couch is specifically made for sex, but I haven't seen one before.  It looked interesting, but trust me, fucking on it wasn't really that fun. Maybe I wasn't using it right. When we first went on this couch contraption, she again tried for the bareback.  I fully understand why guys enjoy fucking bareback.  It feels great.  Better than with a condom on.  Why a girl wants to?  I really don't know.  My girlfriend really cannot tell the difference between the two with respect to sensation.  

 All in all my girlfriend told me Pat came three times.  While I only came once, I am pretty sure I could have came a second time, but just never got around to actually coming.  The wonders of that blue pill lol.  They sang our praises, we wished each other a good night, and prepared for bed. My girlfriend could not find her panties.  We looked high and low.  We left their home around 8:30 a.m. before they woke up; still no panties.  At breakfast that morning we received a text from them that Lisa woke up wearing my girlfriend's panties.  Pretty funny.  At least we know they weren't some odd panty collectors.  That may have been too much to handle.  

We actually liked them a lot.  More so than a lot of couples we played with.  Aside from the bareback thing, which is easily avoidable in the future considering I now know she has a tendency towards it, we had a blast and will probably meetup with them again.

Roulette/World II Friday Night Grand Opening Review

We decided to check out the grand opening of Roulette/World II in West Babylon, NY on Friday, September 26, 2014.  This is an on-premise club.  As with the typical lifestyle format, Friday nights allow single men, while Saturday nights are typically couples only.  We saw a couple we have been wanting to meet on the guest list, confirmed they were going, and decided to meet them there.

The venue is located at 92 Kean Street, West Babylon, NY.  This is right down the block from another on-premise club, Encounters, which is located at 45 Kean Street.  This caused us a bit of confusion.  The instructions in the Swing Life Style (SLS) event page indicated that to get to the club you turn off of Edison.  When you turn off of Edison you come to Encounters on the right hand side of the street.  Farther down the road on the left hand side of the street you find World II.  I would imagine there many have been many who intended to go to World II that ultimately ended up mistakenly at Encounters.

We got the last spot in the back parking lot.  Anyone that came after us would have to park on the street.  When you first enter through the rear door you are confronted with an extremely well lit room and a counter where you check-in and pay your entry fee.  For this night is was $35.00 per couple or $25.00 if you had signed up on the SLS guest list.  Single men were $50.00 and single women were free.  After checking in you are in the same well lit area with rows of sex toys.  There are also several rooms all of which had lighting that worked better for a lifestyle club.  There are men and women restrooms, a room that leads to a theater which was single men only with several couches and a large projection screen, another room next to it which had peep show viewing booths, and then another room next to that one called the "VIP Room" which we were told was couples only, unless a couple chose to bring a single male into the room with them.  If that occurred then that single guy had to remain with the couple the entire time while in the couples only room. This couples only room was a large open area, it had its own bathroom, there was a small beverage/food bar in one corner, there was a large flat screen television playing terrible porn, and about six couches against the walls of the room.  There were also two play areas which were anything but.  One was a small room with a sofa chair in it and the other was a room with a couch where the door couldn't close because the couch was in the way.

An important item to note is that they do not allow alcohol.  None at all.  They don't want you bringing your own and they do not serve any.

It looked as though we were the second couple to arrive.  There were several individuals running the show, all of whom were very nice.  They had shown us around and introduced us to a few different people.  As people came in it was obvious that this was going to be a much older crowd.  116 profiles on SLS signed up for the guest list.  At the time we left at around 12:30 a.m. there must have been about thirty couples in total that came through.  How many young attractive couples were there in total?  Three.  We are included in that tally.  Another couple we are familiar with is also in that tally, but for whatever reason the male in that couple does not care for us.  We have no idea why.  And then of course the couple we intended to meet.  There were two single girls that came, one of which was attractive and there was also a couple that came later in the evening with a gorgeous young blonde attached to him.  He looked like someone's grandpa.  I suspect that she was either an escort, mail order bride, or a sugar baby.

We more or less planted ourselves on one of the few available couches and waited to see if any prospects came in.  The party started at 9:30 and it wasn't until 11 that people really started arriving. We were friendly and mingled with any couples that approached us, but we just simply were not interested.  One couple asked to join us on the couch, so we scooted over and was having a good conversation until the male asked us if we were full swap.  My girlfriend told him we are, and then asked the same question to them and they told us he was full swap, but his girlfriend wasn't, that she only did girl on girl.  He didn't seem to understand how a guy could be okay with his girlfriend fucking another guy.  I'm sorry, do you know where you are?  My girlfriend tried pressing the issue, asking him whether he would be okay with it if it was something she wanted, which kind of made the whole conversation even more awkward and at this point it had already been pretty awkward.  So I said to them, "It sounds like you are looking for a threesome, you know there are two single girls sitting right over there on the other side of the room."  They excused themselves a couple of minutes later to get refreshments, which of course was the polite way of just ejecting from our conversation which had completely fell apart.  I suppose they had nothing to lose by trying, I take it as a compliment that they were attracted to my girlfriend, however, they should have either went for the single females or went to a vanilla bar if that is what they are seeking.  

While we were being distracted by their nonsense, the couple we were planning on meeting showed up and apparently ended up talking to that couple where the guy doesn't care for us.  So we let them be.  When that couple went to the bathroom together (why do couples need to go to the bathroom together?) we approached the couple we had been planning to meet and introduced ourselves.  And guess what, it turns out we already knew them.  We had met them two years back at Caligulas in Queens when they had first gotten started.  It is funny none of us realized it when we had exchanged photos on SLS, but as soon as we all started talking we realized it very quickly.   At some point they went outside to have a smoke, so I decided to go to the bathroom real quick.  I was gone for a couple of minutes tops, and apparently when I had gone to the bathroom a couple of single guys approached my girlfriend.  We were not happy about this.  Not that we have some fear of single men, but when we are told that single men are not allowed in the couple only area unless accompanied by a couple that invites them in, we expect the rule to be followed, especially on a grand opening night.  It brought us back to Bowery Bliss and when they did something similar.  The lifestyle is couples driven, the fastest way to make a venue fail is to make it about making money from single guys.

The hosts did say they were in the processes of making a seperate play area in a portion fo the venue that was still under development.  That may be a possibility, but this place already lost us.  If you want a swingers club to succeed, you need it to be (1) exclusive (pre-screen pre-screen pre-screen), (2) allow alcohol, (3) have real play areas with beds and some that allow privacy, and (4) whatever rules you have created, stick with them, otherwise you lose trust in those who are attending.  This place had none of that.

Our final verdict: Not recommended.

Smitten4gg's Hotel Party Review

We will typically post in advance on the Swing Life Style (SLS) Hot Date section and Swingers Date Club (SDC) Speed Dating section that we are looking for house parties. We received a message from a couple on SLS, smitten4gg letting us know there was a house party they were hosting in Suffolk County Long Island on Saturday, September 20, 2014. We were hesitant at first because of their ages; they are in their forties. There was nothing else going on for that night that didn't involved traveling to Manhattan, so we figured a free party, what do we have to lose? At some point during the week the party turned into a hotel party, also in Long Island. We are not a fan of hotel parties, but again, free. Free + Bored = Why Not?

The party began at 8 p.m. and we were the second couple to arrive. There was a snafu with the rooms and the hosts could not get a suite or adjoining rooms. Instead they got rooms directly across the hall from each other. Awkward, but since this wasn't originally planned as a hotel party, easy to forgive. There was a ton of mixers, snack foods, cups, and ice out. Believe it or not, some hotel party organizers never think about the mixers or cups. I am not exactly sure how many couples ultimately came, but it was more than fifteen. There were also a few single guys sprinkled in; they are a dime a dozen, do we really need them at these parties? Pretty much everyone was 40+ except us,. There was drinking, socializing, and some twister (I hate games a swinger parties...completely unnecessary). Not by design, one room was used as the socializing room and the room across the hall became the designated play area.

We mingled with almost everyone there, like we typically do, even if we do not plan on playing with them. Now the hosts did tell us that the average age was 40+, so we were under no illusions coming to the party that it will be our typical, under 35+, model looks, six pack abs type of parties that we aim to find. We have no issue playing with couples in their forties if they look attractive. Our profile simple states under 40 only because geez, you put 45 as the max age and you get couples in their sixties messaging you or couples that are in their 40s, but it looks like father time did a beat down on them. There was one young couple, probably late twenties that arrived. I thought the girl was very attractive, but my other half was not into the guy...I guess while thin, he did have the face of a bug. These things happen. They also came off stuck you know when you meet someone their personality can either bump them up a few points or they drop a few points...well these two lost more than a few points. We actually walked away from them after about a minute of talking, which may be a record for us. Normally we hang in there and give them a chance, but something about these two...well, not everyone is compatible. 

There was another couple there, Kimberly and Rick (not their real names), who we did hit it off with. Both were in their 40s, great personalities, and she is a pretty brunette with a great body. My world class description of him, which I suppose is required...tall, white, dark hair, glasses, anyway, moving on, so the party progressed and Kimberly just blurted out as we were chatting with them that she wanted to go to the other room and play. Worked for us, so off to the other room to play. 

I have been with a large number of women (133 as of this writing) and I have to say, this girl was one of the best I've slept with. Sure there was the usually girl on girl play, my girlfriend began playing with Rick, who I think was having some difficulty because we attracted an audience and the fact that for some reason there was some kind of bag under the bed (I guess in anticipation of the sex activities) which made it difficult for the bed sheet to remain on the bed) which was distracting him, but when we started fucking...I don't know, I never had a girl ride me like that. We started with the usual missionary, but then after a bit of time she asked to go on top and then proceeded to do every conceivable position from top you can do. She more or less was like a top spinning on me.  She began going clockwise and switching to a different position every few minutes. by the time she made it all the way back around I just couldn't keep going and came. Rick had stopped playing with my girlfriend after about five minutes for some reason, opting to get some water and I guess taking a little break from the gawkers.  I can be hard to play with an audience.  I've been doing this since 2008, I'm long past stage fright or being uncomfortable with crowds, but I still find it creepy having a crowd of people staring at you fucking. Rick decided he was going to play with Karen.  My girlfriend went the bathroom for awhile and I was making out with Karen as Rick took her from behind.  My girlfriend came back and wanted to get dressed to head over to the other room to recover (carb up on the snacks).  

Back in the socializing...I mean recovery room, we must have eaten a bag full of Chex Party Mix and Ritz Crackers between the two of us, mingled for another hour or so, exchanged some numbers, and then called a cab to head out.  The party starting early also was very nice in the sense that we were out of there by 1:30 a.m., which is far better than walking into our home at 5 a.m. 

Overall, we thought it was a very good party hosted by this couple.  They were very nice, fun, and threw a great party.  How the hotel didn't throw us all out is another story.  It got pretty loud in the socializing/recovery room and I know if I was next door I would have made complaints.  And then there was an idiot single guy who thought it was okay to go between rooms naked.  It isn't a swingers resort, don't walk in a hotel naked.  Very easy to get a complaint this way...see...why are there single guys invited to these things?  

Going forward I will aim for at least a post a week.  They are all written by me at this point.  My girlfriend enjoys reading the blog posts more than she does participating in them sadly, so unless there is actually questions directed to her in the Ask Me Anything feature, she likely won't be contributing much moving forward.  Just an FYI ;-)