Our Personal Sex Statistics

Some of you are curious about our personal sex statistics. Either you will be turned on or repulsed by these numbers, but we enjoy what we do and here they are.

Guy’s She Has Had Sex With: 81

Girl’s He Has Had Sex With: 125

MFM Threesomes: 3

FMF Threesomes: 16

 Last Updated: February 16, 2014

Caligula On-Premise Club Review

Caligula opened up in Queens, NY in the beginning of June 2013.  It is an on-premise club in which Friday nights are geared towards couples and single men and Saturday night is for couples only.    

The Club Itself

The club is located in Astoria.  There is plenty of parking and the club itself is two floors.  The first floor has a bar, dance floor, stage, seating and bathrooms.  The second floor has playrooms (both private and open) and bathrooms.  When we attended there was a person upstairs taking care of the playrooms, which we assume consists of changing sheets, letting couples into private rooms and making sure everything is operating smoothly in the play areas.


Couples should expect to pay between $85 - $100 on Saturday nights and $40 - $60 on Friday nights.  Single men should expect to pay approximately $100 on Friday nights.


As with other on-premise clubs, alcohol cannot be sold, therefore it is bring your own booze.  The club does provider bartenders to hold your bottle and to mix your drinks.

The Crowd

Considering we went for the grand opening weekend, we were quite disappointed with the crowd.  The vast majority of those in attendance were over forty years old.  Other than us there were two young attractive couples.  One did not swing at all and the other would not play on the first meeting.  The two groups who appear to be organizing the parties at this club are VIP Soiree and Roberto's.  The problem is that the Roberto's crowd is typically an over 40 crowd and that is the crowd that has appeared to show up on the night we went.  We were contacted by the hosts of Caligula to attend another party, but told them we would only attend if we received free admission due to the poor quality of the crowd the first time we went.  The hosts would only give us a 50% discount, we declined.  If the Swing Life Style (SLS) guest list is any indication, which typically it is, the quality of the crowd has not improved.


Unless the crowd improves, we recommend Taste (Manhattan), the Hamptons Party (Long Island) or any quality, pre-screened house party you can find.  If anyone else has attended recently and has found that the crowd has improved, meaning the majority of those in attendance are under forty and attractive, then please feel free to indicate so in the comments section and please include your SLS, Sexxy Mofo or SDC screen name so we can verify the comments.  Anonymous postings claiming how wonderful the club is will simply be deleted.

Ask Us Anything: Do You Use Viagra/Cialis To Get Hard Again After Cumming?

Question: Like many guys, my refractile period (between coming once and and getting hard again) can vary and will be even longer if drinking. Do you/most guys use Viagra, Cialis, etc? If so, where do you get it - your regular doctor?
Him: I don't personally use it. I know several guys that use it, even though they may not necessarily need it. The only experience I recall them sharing with me though is that they just stay hard after cumming. I'm not sure if they take a second dose between partners or not. I personally just wait two hours between cumming and playing again. I've found that this ensures I will be good to go between partners. I've gotten hard again for a round two in under thirty minutes, but I've found that it isn't as reliable as just simply waiting and giving myself that break. During that time I will eat some food and drink some water, walk around, talk with people at whatever party I'm at. I believe you would be able to get the prescription through your regular doctor.

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Ask Us Anything: Are Most Guys Who Swing in the Lifestyle Well Hung?

Question: Hey guys, love the blog. I was wondering if you would say that you and most guys in the couples you guys swing with are well hung? My girlfriend and I have thought about the lifestyle, but sometimes worry if I would be adequate compared to others. Thanks. 

Him: The sizes of the guys range from below average to, on a few occasions, a bit too big for my girlfriend. Would I say most are well hung? No, most are average. My girlfriend enjoys 7 inches or larger. As for myself, I'm 7 inches, which is probably why my girlfriend likes 7 or more inches; it is just something she had probably grown used to over time.  There are guys she has played with that have been five or less inches and she would prefer not to play with them again. It is all about preference, but we've never heard of any girl turning away a guy after seeing his package in the lifestyle, though I suppose it may happen on occasion. Being compared to others is natural, we all have preferences and taste, but I don't think whatever your size is (unless it is something like three inches) is going to hamper your ability to enjoy the lifestyle.

Remember: You can ask us any questions you like anytime anonymously via the form under "Ask Us Anything" on the right hand side of this page or using the form attached to the bottom of this Ask Us Anything Post ;-)