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Feel free to use method two to ask any questions or share any comments with us. However, if your desire to contact us is in regards to possibly meeting us then please first take the time to read our Swinger Ad on this site. If you have done so and meet our requirements COMPLETELY then feel free to contact us by any of the methods below.

You have two options when contacting us:

(1) You can contact us on any of the services listed under the "Lifestyle Services" section under the screen name: jandjnycouple

(2) You can e-mail us at:

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Anonymous said...

What lifestyle website can we see your profile since you are not on SLS?

J and J said...

We are on Swing Life Style (SLS). Our Screen name is jandjnycouple. We are also on Sexxy Mofo and SDC under the same name.

Anonymous said...

Hello you two. Hope all is well. I went through the same thing you went through when talking about "certifying" some one. I'm a single male. I gave a couple an honest and very positive review on AFF and they never did the same. The funny thing is that they are constantly trying to see me again. I feel as if they're thinking that if they don't give me a positive review they can keep me for themselves. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

We posted a comment and our own review of caligula in astoria and we do not see it up on your site. we provided our sls screen name playdough16. let us know...mike & can also e-mail us at

Anonymous said...

Hi, This post is to warn people who live a sex positive life style not to use Once you create a profile and upload pics, they can never be deleted. When setting up your account you will never be informed of this and whoever administers the site has a fuck you, too bad attitude. Do yourself a favor and just don't use them. please pass this message on to other communities. Thanks

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