Ask Us Anything: Our First Question :-)

To her, do you like facials?

This is the first question we have received on here so far and I am very excited about answering it :-).

The kind of facial you get at a spa is wonderful and I love whenever I go for one, but I am assuming that is not the type of facial you are asking about ;-) I haven’t actually experienced a guy cumming on my face yet and to be honest I haven’t really considered how I feel about it. I would like to try at least one time to see what it is like. I like the kinkiness aspect of it and how much it would turn the guy on to see his cum all over me. I think this could be fun to try, I just hope it doesn’t get in my eye (I think that rhymes lol). But seriously, thinking of all the times I have seen girls in porn videos getting a facial and seeing the smile on their faces when it happens, I wonder why I haven’t tried it. I think this will be fun and am actually looking forward to trying this with my boyfriend the next time I am giving him a blow job. Thanks for asking this question, which will hopefully lead to a new and fun experience for us to share.

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Fancy said...

It might be fun for you;-)
I think the pleasantness depends on the amount that the guy cums. I prefer where it's not all over your face. lol.

J said...

Guess it could get kind of messy :-/

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