Ask Us Anything: Dealing With Virgins (All Types)

How do you feel about swinging with female or male virgins?

We are not positive if this question is asking us how we feel about people that are virgins to swinging or if they are virgins and never have had sex. Therefore we are going to talk about how we feel about both :-)

Her: Swinging with a single male or female virgin would be a pretty exciting experience. I want to know why they would want to have their first time with another couple. I know that before I had sex for the first time it would have never even crossed my mind to lose my virginity with another couple. Perhaps if it was a lesbian that wanted to try having sex with a guy for the first time it would be really hot to be a part of her experience with my boyfriend, plus it is a total turn on to be with a woman that is truly attracted to women. I am not sure how it would be to take a guy’s virginity. I’m sure he would be very nervous and maybe cum in a minute, but it would give me the opportunity to be in total control since I would be the one with all the experience. It would be great to see how he reacts to the feeling of sex for the first time.

Playing with another couple for their first time swinging together I think could be great if they were both really into it and not too timid or nervous about the situation. We are very respectful of the other couple and would never do anything that they were uncomfortable doing, but it is never fun when we have to do all the work, I want the other couple to be just as into it as we are. If it is was just the girl’s first time swinging or her first time playing with another woman I think it would be awesome to give her that experience. If it was just the guy’s first time I hope that he wouldn’t get too jealous seeing his woman with another man. You never know how someone will react even if they say they will be ok with it so perhaps in that sense it would be better if they have had at least some good experience with another couple first.

In the end we are doing this for our enjoyment together and if we can give another person or couple an amazing experience as well that will just make our experience even better :-)

Him: It is highly unlikely that a single female would enter into the world of swinging as a single and also as a virgin. More likely will be the case to run into a single male virgin. As for couples being virgins I couldn’t imagine them wanting to lose their virginity to virtual strangers as opposed to each other. But here is my response to each category:

Single Male Virgin: I would not be comfortable involving a Single Male who was a virgin to play with us if he was over 25. To me that would signal confidence and possible other issues with the Male that could become an issue during or following play. If he was over 25 he would need to have a very plausible reason for remaining a virgin and not raise any other red flags while interacting with us.

Single Female Virgin: If she conveyed to us that she understood what she was doing and it was something she really wanted, I probably wouldn’t have an issue with it.

Virgin Couple: If one or both members of a Couple were a virgin I would pass completely. It just seems like it could cause too much drama and the possibility of jealousy would be extremely high-it is just something I would stay away from.

Single Females who are Virgins in the Lifestyle: The problem with inexperienced Single Females who are Virgins to threesomes or the lifestyle is that they are a real hassle to work with. A lot of time they aren’t sure of what they want, they start putting up a ton of resistance if they get uncomfortable and they more often than not just kill the mood.

Single Males who are Virgins in the Lifestyle: The biggest issue with this type of guy is that they tend to have a more traditional mindset towards sex and relationships. We don’t need a Single Male falling for my girlfriend-which isn’t hard considering she is very attractive and very sweet. However, we will play with Single Males new to the lifestyle because of certain steps we have taken to counteract any sort of emotional attachment and keep things casual.

Couples who are Virgins in the lifestyle: These couples generally have very poor communication with each other and aren’t exactly sure what they want or how far they want to go. Because of this if things do move to the bedroom they can be troublesome to play with because they aren’t sure of what they want and things might begin to move in a direction they become uncomfortable with. Since they are new to this they may also begin feeling different things such as jealousy or behave in ways that they wouldn’t expect themselves or their partner to behave. Because of this it generally is best to steer away from the Virgin Couple.

You: What do you think?

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