How to Meet Us

We love meeting (and playing with) new people, whether you are a Couple, Single Male, or Single Female. Sometimes meeting new people results in some exciting sex and other times just new non-sexual friendships. But in either case, if you would like to meet us, here is how:

(1) Visit the “Our Swingers Ad” Section to see what we are looking for, our preferences, and requirements*, AND then:

(A) Click on the “Upcoming Events” Section. There we list lifestyle events we will be attending in the near future along with their details, AND/OR

(B) Check our Twitter Regularly. Our Twitter updates are located on the right hand side of our website. This is where we will post updates on last-minute spontaneous visits to different lifestyle clubs.

(2) Once you have decided you will be attending a party we will be going to or you know of one we might be interested in or if you want to make other arrangements to meet (ONLY Applies to Single Females & Couples) then you have several options:

(A) E-mail Us,

(B) Contact Us Through a Lifestyle Service (Swing Life Style, Sexxy Mofo, SDC, etc.), OR

(C) Just show up at an event we are attending.

*Remember that even if you meet our requirements and preferences there still needs to be Chemistry when we actually meet in order for us to play.  Also note that while we will meet with those who do not necessarily meet our requirements at a lifestyle event, please understand that if you don't satisfy our requirements there is not a great chance that meeting us will result in playing with us.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks for having us on your blogroll. I need to get out more in cyberspace so I can find cools blogs like yours.

VSK Witness

Shannon E. said...

Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for Swingers Lifestyle Information and your post looks very interesting for me. Realy Great Article! Nice Pictures!

...Please Consider Visiting My Swingers and Couples Community Website as Well!

XOXO Wifey said...

Oh I tell ya J&J if I am EVER in NYC I so will be hitting you two up!

I have just become a follower and can't wait to get some time to go though and read all your past posts..

XOXO as always,


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