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Swing Town

It all began with a little show that ran on CBS in the summer of 2008 called Swing Town. The show took place in the 70’s and focused on a couple who recently moved to a new part of town and to their shock found out that their very friendly neighbors were swingers. We fell in love with the show and was disappointed to see it cancelled after only one season. The couple that were swingers were in our view presented in a very positive light and this made us very interested in finding out more about the lifestyle.


Our next stop was YouTube. We decided to do a search for swingers and found a handful of documentaries that the major networks have aired over the course of the last decade and while many of them had a bit of a negative slant we found them to be fairly informative. From there we began looking for less mainstream sources of information.

Swing Life Style (SLS) 

At this point we came across several lifestyle websites that recommended Swing Life Style (SLS) as an online service to us. We decided to create an account in the beginning of December of 2008. We weren’t planning on actually swinging but created the account out of curiosity. At this time we were living in apartment building and shortly after creating the account a single male that we knew from our building sent us a message greeting us as new members to SLS. At this point we had no photos up and we weren’t sure what to do, but we decided to own it and told him that he actually knew us.

Our Neighbor

Our Friendship with this him actually grew as a result of this exchange. He came to visit us several times to give us a crash course in Swinging 101, explaining to us all the types of activities that go on in the lifestyle, the different online services that exist, and also the different clubs and parties that took place in New York. His enthusiasm for the lifestyle made ours grow and we became even more curious than we were before.

First Swingers Party

About a week before New Year’s Eve we were informed that the vanilla party we were planning on attending was cancelled. This had left us with nothing to do and we did not want to do nothing for New Years. We received a message on SLS from a very nice couple from Staten Island who invited us to a swingers party. We decided we didn't want to stay home for New Years Eve and what did we have to lose by checking it out.  We decided to attend and we haven’t looked back since.

Where We Are Today
Many years later we are still swinging and have had many wonderful experiences with couples, single women, and single men. We love the lifestyle party scene and try to go to an on-premise party at least once a month, even sometimes as much as three times a month. These parties take place in houses, apartments, hotels, and clubs. We have even dabbled in going to polyamorous play parties. We are likely one of the more active lifestyle couples in New York which can be seen by the amounts of certifications and validations shown on our profiles on the various lifestyle sites. We even have our own blog chronicling our adventures. We look forward to a future of continuing to enjoy the lifestyle and all it has to offer.

Originally Written: January 14, 2010. 
Updated: December 31, 2020.  

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JiminPa said...

We followed your link that was on the Our Hot Wives site and wanted to say that your Blog is well done and fun to read!
Have fun and thanks for sharing!
Jim and Sabrina aka JandBPa on OHW

Unknown said...

Hello J and J,

Thanks for sharing this piece on how you got into the lifestyle. I have been into the lifestyle for 13 years as a single male but I do long to have a nice female partner who would be receptive to the lifestyle. I live in Washington, DC and member of several groups and web site swingerzonecentral.com, Lion's Den Lifestyle, DC Mingle, Connecticut Swingers to name a few.

I enjoy meeting new people in the lifestyle.

Have a great holiday!

Swing Safe, Swing Often,
John "JJay622" on swingerzonecentral.com

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