Review: NY Swingers Club & Casbar Party (Jan 15th)

Thrown on Friday, January 15th, this party was a joint promotion between the NY Swingers Club and Casbar. Casbar advertised the party as a Women Who Luv Men night and the NY Swingers Party advertised the party as a Four Way Gangbang Competition. Admission was $50 per Couple and $100 per Single Guy. Single females were admitted free. The location of the party was at a full-service day spa located in Midtown Manhattan.

Him: Prior to attending the party we had connected with two different couples on the Swing Life Style (SLS) site that we agreed to meet at this party. While walking to the location we ran across one of the couples and entered the venue together as a group. Once inside we began to explore the venue. There were three open play rooms and one private play room. The venue itself was fairly narrow which made maneuvering somewhat difficult. We had arrived a few minutes after 10 p.m., the time the party was supposed to begin, but it appears that it was already in full swing at that time.

We found an attractive woman in one of the open play rooms enjoying a gangbang with several guys. By 11 p.m. the other three girls scheduled to compete in the gangbang competition had arrived and were actively competing. I witnessed one girl standing, giving two guys hand jobs while a third was finger fucking her from behind. Moments later she was moaning, “I’m cumming” and I was surprised to see that she squirted all over the floor leaving a fairly impressive puddle beneath her.

We ran into the second couple we were planning on meeting soon after. They didn’t stay at the party long but ended up leaving with another couple. They had asked if we wanted to come join them back at their place with the other couple, but they live in the Bronx, we live in Long Island, and we had no desire to be trapped in the Bronx without the faintest idea of how to get back home so we had to pass.

The first couple we had met also left around this time. I must admit that with those three couples gone, there weren’t really any young attractive couples left. We spent the remainder of our time hanging out with several single guys, one of which we met at a prior party. In the end we had to cut the evening short a little after midnight because it appeared my girlfriend was having a weird allergic reaction to some orange juice we had gotten from the Juice Bar.

My final thoughts on the party was that it was nice to meet the two couples we had been planning on meeting at the party and it was also nice to see the Single Guy again that we met from a prior party. The venue itself might have been more enjoyable if all the play areas weren’t basically being used for the gangbangs-but then again, this was advertised as a gangbang competition ;-)

Her: This particular gang bang competition involved 4 girls and the winner of the competition was the one that kept going the longest, not based on the number of guys she did. When we arrived around 10pm, one of the girls in the competition could not wait to get started and had already started with about a dozen guys waiting for their chance to be with her. It was difficult to see where all the moans were coming from because there were so many guys on her. The other girls started later which to me actually seems like an advantage in this competition.

The host of the party was really friendly and gave us a tour of the place since it was our first time. The size of the place was a little on the small side since we are more used to the larger clubs in Long Island.

We met the host of the SINsation parties as well that we are planning to check out soon. He was a really cool guy and we had fun talking to him.

There were a lot of people at this party and I find it interesting that we are now starting to see a lot of the same people and we are also being recognized by a lot of people that we have seen at other clubs and parties. We ran into a single that we became friends with at Carousel and really enjoyed spending time with him throughout the night. We also met another single guy that we spent a lot of time chatting with and we hope to run into again. There were also two couples that we had talked to on SLS prior to the party and met them both. We enjoyed talking to them although they left both left the party early.

We had to leave before the competition was over, but I am curious to know who the last girl was and even more curious to know how many guys they all ended up with.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

Just found your blog. We used to live (and swing) on Long Island before moving to SoCal a few years ago. Sorry we missed you.


J said...

How does the lifestyle community compare to Long Island where you guys live now?

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