Review: Videophiles Annual Mardi Gras Party (Jan 16th)

On Saturday, January 16th, we attended a hotel party in Long Island hosted by the Videophiles Group. It was their Annual Mardi Gras Party. Membership to the group was $20 per Couple and the entry fee for the party was $50 per Couple and $75 per Single Guy. Single Females were admitted free. There were approximately 8 couples that attended.

Him: We weren’t sure what to expect with attending this party. One of our close Single Guy friends from the lifestyle, F, had told us that those who generally attended these parties were a bit on the older side and that as a result we might not enjoy ourselves and should have an exit plan to leave early. We decided to check it out anyway because the party sounded interesting. We had never been to any type of Mardi Gras party before.

We arrived about forty minutes after the party had begun. Everyone was extremely friendly, though F was right, it did appear that it was mostly an over 35 crowd. But generally speaking, we have noticed that most swingers are over 35 to begin with so that in itself is not something to be shocked by.

I suppose something to know about us is that we do NOT need to play to have fun. We just are very friendly people that love meeting new people and having a good time. During this night we didn’t really find any couple or individual that we felt we had that kind of chemistry with (though sometimes that develops through multiple meetings and not necessarily, though preferably, when meeting for the first time). However, we still had a blast and we have to say that the hosts B & J are super friendly and inviting.

We generally prefer parties with more guests, simply because we enjoy the freedom of having a greater choice of potential playmates, so if B & J were to have a larger party we might check it out if we were free, but are inclined to pass on similar parties from this group because of the size of the party and also, sadly, because most of the guests fall outside of our age range :-(

Her: This was our first time attending a hotel party and I was really looking forward to seeing what they are like. This party was in a suite that had a living room and two bedrooms, there was also a small kitchen area. One of the bedrooms was for couples only and the other one was an “anything goes” room.

At first we chatted with the other couples and singles while we ate a nice dinner and got to know everyone. Since this was a Mardi Gras party all the ladies were given six bead necklaces to give to any guy they felt deserved one and at 12am the guy with the most beads would win a prize.

This was a very close knit group that was very comfortable with each other. I found it interesting to learn that they are so close with each other that sometimes the people that are part of a couple come alone if their partner is unable to and everyone is cool with that. Even at this party a few of the couples played separately or only one half of the couple played without their partner present in the room for almost the entire night. There was only one other new couple that came to the party besides us. Even though the people at this party were not our particular type of people to play with we really had a great time and met very fun and friendly people.

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