Sexual Adventures for the New Year

It is a new year and in the spirit of adventure and plain old good fun we have decided to share with you those experiences we are looking forward to exploring in 2010.

Her: Since starting to swing a little over a year ago I feel that I have become more comfortable with my sexual side and want this year to be all about new and exciting sexual experiences that I can share with my boyfriend.

One of the fantasies I have been thinking about lately is having a threesome with two single guys and my male half watching me be pleasured by them. I want to be fucked by one of the guys while I give the other guy a blow job. After I make both guys cum and my half is super turned on I want him to fuck me while the other two guys watch.

Another thing I have been wanting for awhile is for a girl to eat my pussy and make me cum. I have had the pleasure of playing with several girls so far, but have not had an orgasm from a girl yet. I also want to give a girl an orgasm to see how it feels and to know of course that I am doing a pretty good job myself.
I want to go try out a sex machine as well. Those things look pretty awesome ;-)

Him: New Year’s Eve of 2008 marked our true first step into the world of swinging and within 2009 we had many wonderful experiences; experiences that have made us a lot more comfortable with our own sexuality and with inviting others into our relationship.

It is only a couple weeks into the New Year and we have already been to several different clubs and have had some interesting experiences. I really want to try all of the different venues and parties in the New York area this year and get a feel for which ones are the best put together and most exciting.

As for the type of sexual experiences I hope to have, I hope that we will have the opportunity to enjoy more full swap experiences with different couples and also have a couple of FMF threesome experiences as well. I might be curious to try a gangbang situation where my girlfriend is not the girl involved, but that is only if certain prescreening procedures and safe sex practices are in place for all those involved.

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