Cast of Characters

These are the Cast of Characters in our life in the lifestyle. We really have no intention of listing individuals who we have had one time interactions with. Rather this is a place to quickly understand who is who in regards to those individuals that frequently or most likely will frequently appear in our experiences in the lifestyle. Please note we will NOT be using anyone’s full name but rather just initials for the time being. In the future we may designate certain individuals by full names, but those names will be changed to protect their identity.

The Stars

J (Girlfriend)
J (Boyfriend)

Single Men

F: We met F at one of the Hot Wives of NYC Parties during the Summer of 2009. He is an extremely nice guy who we’ve come to be friends with since meeting him.


S: Hosts Club Encounters at Cherry Bombs
A&M: Hosts Club Possibilities at Show World
J&G: Hosts Long Island Swingers Group
P&C: Hosts Hot Wives of NYC

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