Ask Us Anything: Which is Hotter?

To both, which is hotter? Being watched by a member of the cpl with a total stranger, or being watched by total strangers but with the cpl playing together....

Her: I think being watched while playing with my boyfriend is hot and really turns me on. I like watching the other guys looking at us and we know that they wish they were in my boyfriend’s place as we are playing in front of them. But I would have to say that having my boyfriend watch me seduce and play with another guy is much hotter. Having my boyfriend watch me play with another guy is really kinky and turns us both on a lot. When I am with a single guy I get to be super flirty and I know I am in complete control of the situation. I like the thought of my boyfriend being there with me and I know that when we get home we are going talk about it and have some crazy hot sex together. I like that there is no jealously when I play with other guys and we can just have fun and explore new things. Just this past weekend I was just getting a massage from a single guy and we danced a bit while my boyfriend watched us from the bar and it just made me feel really turned on when I saw my boyfriend enjoying the sight. We haven’t played with another guy where my boyfriend is completely just watching us and does not play at all, but it is something that we really want to do and I am looking forward to the experience.

Him: I really enjoy watching my girlfriend getting pleasured, whether it is by another man or by a woman. Combine that with me getting pleasured at the same time and I have to concentrate extremely hard not to cum in a matter of minutes. It is sometimes a lot of fun to just play with ourselves while others watch, but for me there is just no comparison. I definitely think watching my girlfriend being pleasured by a total stranger or her watching me being pleasured is way hotter than just the two of us putting on a show.

We are answering questions in the order in which they are asked.  Combine that with the fact that we are not currently planning on making more than one entry a day, it may take several days or so for us to answer your question.  Please be patient :-)

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