MFM Threesome with A

A responded to our Craig’s List AD about two and a half weeks ago. We exchanged e-mails back and forth during the period between that first e-mail and last night, culminating in A deciding to come meet us at Club Encounters on Friday night (February 6, 2010). We had a very wonderful experience with A and we were very happy that he decided to come meet us and let our Female half take thorough advantage of him. Below are our individual thoughts on the experience:

Her: When we arrived at Club Encounters it was pretty empty. We hung out in the playroom and watched a female half of a couple give her male half a blow job. We then proceeded to the couple only area wondering if any of the single guys that said they wanted to meet us there would actually show. We never expect that the single guys that say they are coming to meet us will actually show up. We were happily surprised when A came into the club. He found us sitting in the couple only area and came over to introduce himself. My first impression of A was very good. He came right over to us without hesitation and was very friendly and good looking. I was also impressed by the way he dressed. Most single guys we see in the club wear regular street clothes and that just does not do it for me.

We talked with A for awhile and we got to know him better. We had very good conversation and I think we all felt comfortable with each other. A is very easy to talk to and after talking to A for a little while I was ready to get to know him better ;-) I went to the restroom and when I came I sat very close to him and started to touch his leg. I said I wanted to go into the play area and of course he did not object. We went into one of the rooms and A and I started kissing while my boyfriend was sitting next to us watching. Then I had A take off his clothes and he took off my dress. I liked that he was the one to take off my clothes. Then I started to suck his cock which was a lot of fun. Then he said he wanted to go down on me. He went down on me and finger fucked me for awhile. I really like how he fingered me and was getting super turned on. While A was eating me out and fingering me I kissed my boyfriend and enjoyed having him watch everything. Then I wanted to pleasure A and had him lay on his back. I went on top of him and was teasing him a little by rubbing his cock against my pussy and making out. I switched to a doggy style position and continued to rub his cock against my pussy while giving A and my boyfriend a nice view of my ass and pussy. After a few minutes I got so turned on that I just wanted A to fuck me. We fucked in a few different position and it felt really good. A was able to last for a very long time. I loved having my boyfriend watch us, it was such a turn on to put a show on for him.

By the time A was finished fucking me he was soaking wet and I was thoroughly pleasured. Playing with A was a great experience and we definitely would want to play with him again.

Him: We arrived a little later than expected – around 10:15. The place was mostly dead at that time so we took a seat in the play area and relaxed for awhile seeing if anyone interesting came along. We were watching a couple play right next to us. The female was sucking the male’s cock. At some point the male’s leg began rubbing against my leg. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I decided to take a time out from watching them play and we went to the Couples Only area. Soon after we saw A. It looked like he was about to walk out the door and then he noticed us and came over.

He was dressed nice, wearing dark pants and a dress shirt and he was extremely friendly and had a great smile. I didn’t get any negative vibes from him, which is always a very good sign. He sat next to my girlfriend and we chatted for about fifteen or so minutes at which point my girlfriend asked him if he wanted to join us in one of the play rooms.

I decided that I just wanted to watch my girlfriend get pleasured tonight instead of participating.

My girlfriend undid A’s pants and began sucking on his already hard cock. A then took off her dress and they began making out. He then laid her back and began fingering her and eating her out. It was obvious from my girlfriend’s moans that he was doing a fantastic job fingering her. My girlfriend then applied some lube to both her pussy and his cock and climbed on top of him to make out with him. She began playing with his hard cock, teasing it against her pussy. When she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to be fucked, she had him put on a condom and then mounted him shoving his hard cock inside of her. They then moved into missionary and then doggy and then back to missionary, all the while my girlfriend moaning in joy and having a smile on her face. When they finished about fifteen or so minutes later he was drenched head to toe and she was thoroughly fucked ;-)

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Hubman said...

Sounds like she had a hell of a good time!

Veronica and I are Boston-area swingers, but we're both from Long Island originally. Sounds like NY has a pretty good swingers scene- gives us something to look forward to when we visit home and leave the kids with a grandparent for the evening!

And thanks for the follows on Twitter!

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