MFMF Full Swap with J&C

We went to a Couple’s Only Dinner Party on Saturday night (February 7, 2010). It was the third time we went to this party. We always have a wonderful time at them and the hosts are simply two of the most wonderful people we’ve met in the Lifestyle. The party begins with a cocktail hour (or two) where the guests (normally about a dozen couples) mingle and get to know each other. Then a fantastic dinner is served. After dinner is served guests continue to mingle as the play area is prepared and once it is ready couples begin to trickle into the play area to enjoy themselves. We met J & C at the last Dinner Party but had not spent much time getting to know them. On Saturday night we all got better acquainted ;-) Here are our His & Her experiences:

Her: I am very happy that we got to know J & C at this party. They are both very fun, interesting and attractive. I felt that we all had great chemistry and I really enjoyed getting to know them better as the night went on. They were the first couple to arrive and we were the second so we had a little alone time in the beginning of the night to chat before the other couples started to arrive. I knew early on that they were the couple we were most likely to play with even though there were other attractive couples there I felt we had the most chemistry with J & C.

After dinner we spent a lot of time talking to with J & C and by the time the play area was ready we knew we wanted to play with them. We proceeded to the basement where there are four beds set up. We chose the bed furthest away from the other beds to make sure we would have the most privacy. The four of us tried to get comfortable on the bed and then C and I began to kiss and touch each other while the guys watched us. We were already naked because that is one of the rules when entering the play area. Then we started to swap partners. At one point J was eating me out while my boyfriend was eating out C. C and I were lying next to each other making out and touching each other. This is one of the best parts for me because we were all involved together.

After C and I came we went back to playing with our own partners for a little while and then switched again. I love to watch my boyfriend have sex and seeing him have fun. It really turned me on to see him watching me have sex with J. After we had sex with each other’s partner we went back to our own partners before finishing up. We had a lot of fun with J & C and we can’t wait to go to the next party.

His: We arrived around 9:15. J & C were already there and we were the second couple to arrive. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to get to know J & C better. They are both Latin, attractive, and very friendly. I felt we clicked right away and the chemistry was great. At some point in the evening, after dinner we all went to the play area.

We all took off our clothes and got on the bed. My Girlfriend began making out with C with me next to my Girlfriend and J next to his wife, C. J then began to make out with my Girlfriend and me with C. At this point there were a lot of bodies on the bed so it was a bit hard to navigate, but I managed to find room to go down on C. It took awhile for her to cum, but that was most likely do to my very weird body positioning due to the other bodies on the bed which was also distracting me. After she came my Girlfriend began to give me a blowjob while C went down on her Husband. I was actually having a bit of an issue getting a hard on at this point. I have no idea why this was the case so I just decided to head to the bathroom for a quick time out. I took a leak and bam, about a minute later I had a hard on – guess I had a full bladder and didn’t even realize it. When I returned my Girlfriend and C were making out and I came and joined them and then began having sex with C while my Girlfriend had sex with J.

In the end it was a very enjoyable experience. Sometimes when you go to parties like this and there are quite a few attractive couples it can be difficult to decide which couple(s) you want to focus your energy on. I definitely feel that we made the right choice with J & C :-)

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Inferno said...

Nice review of your time. I enjoy coming across realistic stories of peoples swing fun.
It lets those who have no idea get a glimps into the play times of lifestyle couples.
Keep it up.

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