Club Encounters Pricing Changes :-(

Club Encounters in Long Island was closed for a few weeks from February into March for renovations that apparently consist of:

-Added Bedrooms with King, Queen and Full size mattresses
-Added a permanent Buffet area
-Added tables and chairs
-Updated the d├ęcor and paint scheme, to a more modern/welcoming feel
-Installed Angled Mirrors on the Ceilings to allow better view of the fun
-Added new HUGE LCD TV’s
-Better Dance Floor Lighting
-Larger coat check area
-Updated our soda system with better quality drinks/mixers
-More Couples ONLY nights, Select Nights with FREE BUFFET and strictly enforced couples ONLY areas on non-couples only nights.

What they didn’t indicate they were renovating is the price of admission. Unless Encounters was having a special event such as those hosted by Roberto’s, couples were admitted free on both Friday and Saturday nights. Now however, that does not appear to be the case. For this Friday, admission is as follows:

Friday March 19th 2010
Couples $25
Single Ladies $20
Single Men $50

Now Encounters was hit or miss to begin with – some nights were good, other nights were dead – but the appealing part about it was that if you were a couple you could just show up and not have to worry about spending money on a potentially dull night. After all, it is couples that draw other couples and singles in, not the other way around. And $20 for Single Ladies? Who are they kidding, We haven’t seen a single lady in there on a non-special event night, not ever.

We hope the prices go back to free admission for couples or possibly a $10 admission fee, but if not, we probably won’t be attending Encounter’s regularly anymore and focus more on specific on-premises lifestyle events or house parties.

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