Ask Us Anything: When Can We See More Naked Photos?

Do you think we dont want to see more nude photos of her for "Naked Thursday" this is getting boring!!!

We apologize for taking this question out of order but felt it should be addressed immediately.

First off, this is NOT a porn site.

If you are coming to our site to see naked photos you are coming to the wrong place. There are plenty of websites that you can view user submitted photos of girlfriends and wives, this is NOT one of those websites.

Now for when or if you should expect any nude photos of either of us on this site:

If we post naked photos, enjoy them, but don’t expect them. When we have a chance to do a little photo shoot with each other we will post a few pictures, but because of our busy schedules and other activities we rank as a higher priority, taking photos of each other ranks very low on our “to-do” list, hence the lack of “Half-Nekkid Thursday” posts. The plain truth is that we would much rather go to a swingers party and have sex with an awesome couple then hang out at home and take nude photos of each other.

So in the end, if this is your mentality, perhaps you should move on.

Remember: You can ask us any questions you like anonymously via the form under "Ask Us Anything" on the right hand side of this page ;-)

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Hubman said...

You sure do a good job of making it sound like those of us who do enjoy taking and posting nude photos of each other don't enjoy an active sex life (with each other and with others).

For us, an erotic photography session can make for some fantastic foreplay.

J said...

lol, we didn't mean any offense, but we all have our preferences and while erotic photography can be fun, we do enjoy other activites much more.

We do hope that it is obvious from the content of this site that we are trying to make this site something more than a place for horny guys to come and masturbate to pictures of our female half ;-) We basically just wanted to make clear for any of those confused that if all they are looking for is to see a pretty woman nude, there are much better places to go.

Sexy Runners said...

I like the balanced approach you have taken for your blog.

Hubman, you and ASM are balanced also, just in a different way.

Damn I love blogs well written by intelligent people.

It's sexy.

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