Ask Us Anything: Club Possibilities Review

Could you give us a review of Club Possibilities???

Him: Club Possibilities is an On-Premise club located at Show World, 96 Field Street, West Babylon, NY 11704. It is hosted by a well known couple in the lifestyle, Andy and Margaret. The club operates as a Couples and Single Males club Wednesday and Friday nights and a Couples Only Club on Saturday Nights. They have a juice bar but they do not serve alcohol. There is a lounge area, a medium sized play room, a couple’s only section, and also private rooms. We have found that their Wednesday nights have very little attendance and their Friday nights are hit or miss with attendance. We must disclose that Club Possibilities is the only club we’ve gone to where we have not played with anyone. We have always found Encounters to be a much better venue to have fun, however we have repeatedly gone back to Possibilities and hope we find connections with fun individuals. We have yet to attend a Couples Only night but we have heard that they get a pretty good crowd on those nights. When we do attend a Couples Only night we will post a supplemental review on the site :-) If you have any specific questions about this club or any others feel free to post them as a comment on this Ask Us Anything entry.

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