The End of Minx Style?

We received an e-mail apparently from Minx Style, a Lifestyle Dating Service that also throws their own parties. We had signed up for an account with their service when we first began our baby steps into the lifestyle in 2008 but let our membership expire when the free trial concluded so we don't even recall if the service itself was worth it or not...though it couldn't have been that great considering we didn't stick with it.

For those that are interested, the e-mail we received read as follows:

Ingrid & I want to personally thank all Minx memebers for trying to make Minx's a better place. It hurts that it didn't work and we are sorry it's good bye for MINXSTYLE, but just so you all know it's party time because all work and no play made the lifestyle a boring place so watch out lol.


Vinny & Ingrid

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