Half-Nekkid Thursday: Enjoy :-)

 Here is another Half-Nekkid Thursday.  We still haven't taken another photoshoot and those of you that want to see an action shot of the two of us will have to wait because sadly this week she has her period :-(  But on a happy thought, we hope you enjoy the photo below :-)

- Image Removed -

Remember: We are planning on doing additional photoshoots pretty soon.  If you have any specific positions you would like to see our female half in you can request it by sending us an E-Mail.  Preferrably we would like you to include a picutre of that position so there is no confusion ;-)  E-Mail us at:

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Hubman said...

Oh, I'm enjoying it all right!

Happy (really late) HNT!

Brenden G. said...

Very gorgeous and beautiful! Will you guys be posting more pictures?

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so damn hot!

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