Ask Us Anything: How Do You Do This Without People Finding Out?

How do you manage to do this without people finding out...especially since you have a website?

Him: We are pretty open as a couple and we own our choices. That means that at this stage quite a few of our friends know of our swinging ways and if anyone would ever confront us about it we would just tell them that this is what we do and we love it and wouldn’t change a thing. Other people only have power over you if you are in some way ashamed or embarrassed about what you are doing. If they disagree with our choice of lifestyle they can either move on or accept it. Now, there are people that have found us. A friend from high school sent us a message through Swing Life Style (SLS) last year, but as long as you are confident in your choices then you have nothing to be worried about. And remember that if someone finds us – well what were they doing looking at a swingers site to begin with? Wink Wink. As for having the website, yes, the website does give us more attention, especially because there is actually a lack of swingers who have their own websites, but we find that it is worth having because we both really enjoy writing about our experiences and giving others the benefit of having an inside look of what it is like to swing, perhaps helping those who are on the fence about trying it make a decision :-)

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Inferno said...

I always say that people should do nothing they are ashamed of and then if little secrets come out it is easy to defend ones choices from those with closed minds.

We also have had people contact us (just to say "hi") via SLS, AFF, and LL who knew us from our past and our vanilla lives.
We just say hello back.
Never had a problem.

K5 said...

We love these attitudes and mirror them as well for our lives. We're not ashamed of our choices and we're super happy and in love so why hide from those close to us what we enjoy this much? There are a few people close to us (family) that don't ever need to know and would never understand, but we wouldn't melt and die if they found's just better to keep that separate.

We'll always respect the discretionary needs of our playmates but we wish people were more open and comfortable with their own sexualities so we'd feel like hypocrites hiding in the dark about something that feels so natural and adventurous for us! :)

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