Ask Us Anything: Visiting NYC from UK - Any Advice on Meeting Couples & Singles?

I'm a 45 year old bloke from the UK (so sadly over you age limit), in good shape, who's been swinging in the UK for over 25 years... I now visit NYC 3-4 times per year and was wondering what advice you might have? Love meeting couples and singles

Him: 25 Years? You have about a little over 23 years more experience than we do lol, maybe we should be asking you for advice ;-) But in all seriousness, NYC is an interesting place to swing and for single guys we recommend networking with as many couples as you can in the area with the hopes of being invited to a house party that is almost all couples but allows a select few (and I mean a few – maybe 1 – 3) single guys. If you go to the clubs here that allow single guys on Friday nights you will find that there are A LOT of single guys – however if you just approach couples and turn on the charm you have right there separated yourself from the majority of guys who are just wall flowers and nothing more at these clubs. As for the networking part you really have two choices – you can show up to these different clubs and be super friendly with couples but since you only come to NYC a few times a year this can become frustrating, or you can subscribe to one of the swingers sites popular in the United States and start dialogues with couples over here way ahead of time. We have found that Swing Life Style (SLS) is extremely popular in the New York area, which is probably why we praise it so much and use it so much. Depending on where you are in the country some of the other services are much more popular.  As for meeting single women, just approach them as you see them, whether on the street or in a club, it is as simple as that ;-) If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

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