Ask Us Anything: Does Size Matter?

I am extremely well endowed at 9" and very thick, do you prefer men that are well endowed or does size not matter that much to you?

Her: I am DEFINITELY interested in trying a large cock. I know a lot of people say size does not matter, but in my experience I think it does. I’ve been with a bunch of different sized guys and find that I do prefer larger sized cocks. It simply feels better. I consider 3-5 inches small (sadly the average cock is only 5 inches), up to 7 inches medium and anything over 7 inches large.

I have had experiences with guys that are small. The smallest was about 3 inches. It is surprising to see, but in those situations I never say no just because of their size. It is hard to really feel the penetration when a guy is that small, but I am curious to see how they feel no matter what size they are. I have found that I prefer guys that are at least 7 inches.

I have to confess though that if I decide to play with a guy and realize when I pull his cock out it is really small, I will still fuck him and have as great a time as I can, but if I know beforehand that he has a small cock I will pass on playing him, which is something I have done before.

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