Ask Us Anything: What's the Age & Attractiveness Range at Swinger Clubs?

I love your site, and check back frequently. I have read lots of the lifestyle and my GF and I are keen to explore more (we havent dipped our toes yet) we are keen to go to a club first, however we were wondering what the age/attractiveness range was?

Him: The short and unhelpful answer is that it depends. I am 27 and my girlfriend will be turning 27 at the end of this month. We have found that the BEST parties are couples only house parties where the hosts only invite couples between early twenties and late thirties. It is at these parties that the most attractive couples go to play and when I say attractive, they are very attractive. We prefer these types of parties and go to between two-three of them a month. If you choose to go to the clubs and big events, it depends which ones you go to. There are some that are very picky and have tough pre-screening requirements to only allow young attractive couples (but cost a lot to attend) and there are others that allow anyone to attend and generally get a crowd that falls heavily into the 40+ arena and at that age attractiveness starts to diminish, especially with the men. Many of the women get plastic surgery and I have actually found myself pretty surprised to be attracted to them, but a lot of men around that age have let themselves go. That doesn’t mean there aren’t young attractive couples at those parties and clubs, it just means they are the minority. One warning though. If you haven’t gotten your feet wet at all, going to a House party may be a bit too intense to begin with. You might want to just go to the On-Premise clubs and just get acclimated to seeing a whole lot of naked people have sex with one another without having a lot of pressure to participate.

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Hubman said...

We've noticed the same thing with men and women getting older- the women seem to do better at taking care of themselves and maintaining their looks. Veronica is sick and tired of seeing a hot 40-something woman and her husband, who has let himself go big-time. I'm tired of it too!

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