Ask Us Anything: What Are Swingers Clubs Like?

I've never attended a swingers club before and was wondering if you could tell me more about the setting and experience.

Him: Swingers Clubs are divided into two types: On-Premise and Off-Premise. Each club has their own rules and traditions but typically the following descriptions will hold for most of the clubs.

Off-Premise clubs generally resemble bars but typically charge an entry free and sometimes a membership fee as well. Sex is not allowed in the venue though some heavy petting does occur. These types of clubs are generally the first kind of club those new to swinging attend. There is not a lot of pressure, though many of these clubs can be cliquish. If you meet a couple or single you wish to play with you will have to make arraignments to meet elsewhere (a house, apartment, or hotel).

On-Premise clubs in New York are unable to obtain liquor licenses so they do not have bars. However, most of juice bars and either allow you to bring your own alcohol or do not take issue if you do. These locations have play areas and depending on the location these play areas may be out in the open, semi-private behind curtains, or completely private within private rooms with doors.

Many of these clubs operate on Friday and Saturday nights with Friday allowing Single Men and Saturday being a Couples Only (plus Single Women) nights.

When Single Men are allowed many of the On-Premise clubs do have Couples Only sections to keep Couples a safe place to go if they feel overwhelmed by the Single Men at the venue.

As for the experience, it is generally what you make of it and what you are looking for ;-) But we have found overall that our experiences have been positive.

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The first time you attend you will probably be nervous, I certainly was, but I have always found that swingers are very open and very friendly, so long as you treat every one with respect - you will get the same respect back.

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