Ask Us Anything: Do All Couples Want Just Hung Men?

Question: It seems like 90% of all ads from couples on craigslist or looking for hung men. I'm not hung but I'm also not small. I don't even bother trying to respond to such ads. Do all couples want just hung men??

Her: I already responded to a similar question, please see, “Ask Us Anything: Does Size Matter?” for my thoughts on the subject.

Him: Every woman is different. Some really love size and others want no part of it. There is an experience that many couples want to have with a “hung” guy, but those that have that preference generally are very clear about it on their ads and it is a waste of both the couple’s time and your time to respond to those ads if you do not meet their criteria. From our personal experience, small is not much fun. Sometimes the guy is really cool and eager to please and that compensates, but generally speaking, if it is average (5 inches) and smaller, the pleasure meter is not reading very high, especially when the woman has already experienced larger sized cocks and even more so if she has grown used to those larger sizes (7+). In the end, regardless of the size of your equipment, if you meet an ads criteria you have absolutely nothing to lose by responding-everyone is different and your sized cock may turn out to be that particular woman’s perfect fit ;-)

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