MFMF Full Swap with M&N

We were invited to a house party in New Jersey for February 13, 2010. We had never attended a party hosted by this couple before but we are interested in trying new house parties so we thought we would give it a try. There were approximately fifteen couples, a few single males and also a few single females. We were surprised to see the single females there since while single females do attend lifestyle parties, they are few and far between. The house had a common party area in the living room/kitchen areas and play locations upstairs and on the main floor adjacent to the living room.

Her: When we got to the party there were already quite a few couples there. We recognized a few from SLS that we had exchanged messages with before so it was nice to get to meet them in person. We had a great time chatting with everyone there. There was one couple (M & N) that we both found fun, attractive and had good chemistry with so we decided we would try to focus on them. There was also another couple (A & N) there that we were interested in and the female half was very into me. She started making out with me in the kitchen and that is basically how the night got started. Then we decided to talk more to M & N and we decided we wanted to go play with them one of the play rooms. When we went into the room with M & N to play a lot of other people decided to follow including A & N. It started to get very crowded in the bed and people just kept coming in to try to get in on the action. I tried to focus on my boyfriend for awhile, but it was difficult with so many people in the bed and having M & N and A & N giving us attention. At one point A asked my boyfriend if he could fuck me and my boyfriend said ok and I said ok. He started to fuck me from behind while N and I went down on my boyfriend. A kept stopping and leaving for some reason and coming back in the room. His girlfriend N stayed and my boyfriend was ready to fuck her, but she said she had to ask her boyfriend, but he wasn’t in the room at that point. She went to go find him and never came back. She was very drunk and I think she must have found her boyfriend and they decided to go play somewhere else. I think it was one of the strangest times we have had with a couple so far.

After A & N were gone we could now focus on M & N again. The room got pretty crowded though so we decided to take a little break. We talked with them for a little bit and then noticed that the room was completely empty. We decided to go back in just with M & N and close the door this time so we would not be disturbed. It was much nicer to have the room to ourselves. We felt very comfortable with them and we swapped pretty quickly. M went down on me while my boyfriend went down on N. Then after I came M started to fuck me in missionary position. My boyfriend was doing the same with N. N and I were both moaning pretty loud and the bed was shaking a lot. It was a lot of fun. We both finished at about the same time and then we all just laid around on the bed and talked for a little bit until we got dressed and went back to the party. We had a really great time with them and are definitely planning on getting together with them again soon.

His: I was very happy to see that this party had in attendance a good number of young attractive couples. It is always iffy going to a new party because generally speaking, the lifestyle consists more of those in the 40+ category than those in the 25 – 35 age group. If we go to an event and it is an older crowd, unless we meet an exceptional couple or single we generally treat it as a vanilla party.

We came across a couple, N&A that had contacted us on Swing Life Style (SLS). They are a pretty attractive couple and seemed to be experienced so we decided to give them a call to make plans, but after speaking with N, the female half, she told us that she needed to find out A’s work schedule and would get back to us – they never got back to us. So seeing them there we felt a little so so about whether we would want to really get to know them, let alone play with them. We don’t like flakiness.

We also got to know another couple that we had been exchanging messages with on SLS – M&N. M&N were super friendly and we had chemistry with them right away. This is interesting however, because from their SLS profile pictures we were sure about them – some couples just don’t know how to choose the “Best” SLS pictures to use because these two were pretty attractive, but in their pictures they came off as average.

There was some drinking going on, lots of touching and grinding and then a few of the girls began giving my girlfriend, J quite a bit of attention which led to a lot of clothes coming off. Personally, I’m a one couple type of swinger at this juncture. Perhaps down the line things will change but I don’t really like heading into an orgy, which is sort of where this was heading. I told J that she needed to pick a couple and stick with them. She chose M&N and we headed to the bedroom adjacent to the living room to play – but a whole bunch of couples came onto the bed to play with us.

It seems when I am not in control of a situation my little head doesn’t seem to be very responsive. I ended up getting blowjobs from both N and N but couldn’t get it up. There were just too many limbs and bodies all over the place. Then N, from N&A (herein “N1”) decided she would try to talk dirty to me – which ladies, unless you sound sincere in what you say, it become a turn-off, NOT a turn-on.

At this point N1 asked if it would be okay if A had sex with my girlfriend while I tried to get my equipment to function. I said it was up to her, she said yes. A started banging my girlfriend doggy style while she went down on me and N1 was laying next to me. I tried to make out with N1 but she was too much into teasing than just making out and I was getting a bit frustrated so I took a time out and went to the restroom. Came back after emptying my bladder and my while A was doing my girlfriend doggy style she was going down on me. Apparently I had a bit too much water to drink earlier and had to pee again a few minutes later and went. When I came back, A was apparently done with my girlfriend and wasn’t there anymore and M was making out with N1 and my girlfriend started going down on me again where I promptly got a hard on. Also of note is that the room cleared up quite a bit thankfully which helped me relax. M asked me if I was going to sleep with N1 now and I said yes and N1 said she was just going to go tell her husband so he knew where she was. She NEVER came back. I’m sorry, but that is just wacky. This led to a new rule between my girlfriend and I. Unless I’m ready to go, she doesn’t play with the other girl’s man.

It was at this point just M&N (Whose N will herein be “N2”) and us were in the room. We decided to lock the door and just make it a foursome full swap. We had a blast with these two. My girlfriend went down on M and I went down on N2 and then M began going at it with my girlfriend missionary position while I did the same with N2. Both M and I came within a minute of each other. These two were a great couple. As of writing this we have been trying to arrange a date to get together again just the four of us :-)

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