MFMF Full Swap with S&S

We had taken March off from playing and were itching to get back into the swing of things ;-) The last couple we played with in February, M&N wanted first dibs on us for April. We already had plans for the first weekend in April but called them up to make plans for the following Saturday, April 10th. M (the male half) told us that he did not yet have his work schedule and would get back to us by Monday or Tuesday. He never did so we moved on to RSVP for the fun Couples Only Dinner Party we love to attend. Sadly on Saturday morning we were informed that party was cancelled. Thankfully J&K who hosted the party where we met M&N were throwing another party for Saturday night.

Her: We were the second couple to arrive at the party. The couple that was already there was T&G. T (the female half) is really hot tall, thin and blonde and G was also an attractive and fun guy. We had really good chemistry with them and felt like we definitely wanted to play with them already even though nobody else except the hosts was there. We spent a lot of time talking to them even after more people started to show up and we were pretty sure that we would end up getting to play with them. We even saw a couple that we had played with the first time we went to J&K’s party and had wanted to play with them again, but we were so into T&G that we kind of let it go. T&G also really wanted to get things started and they asked us if we wanted to go into the play room. As a rule we always ask everyone before we play when the last time they were tested for HIV/STDs. We were totally not expecting the answer we got from them, but they completely failed the question, like there were no if ands or buts about it, no way around it. We were so bummed about it that we contemplated giving them a pass, but then what would the rules be for so we ended up just changing the subject and eventually they disappeared into the playroom expecting us to follow them, but we never did.

After the almost perfect couple disappeared all of a sudden my boyfriend just says hi to this other really attractive girl that just arrived. It was pretty impressive how quickly he swooped in and introduced us to her. She was really cute and it gave me hope that maybe the first part of the night wasn’t completely wasted. I will refer to her as S1 and her boyfriend as S2 since both names start with S. They were both really sweet and friendly. S2 actually had seen our profile on SLS and wanted to contact us so I guess it was his lucky night that we were able to make it to the party. Unfortunately they are very new to swinging and had not had a full swap yet so we were not really happy about that, since we really prefer full swapping. At this point the party had really gotten started and couples had ventured into the play areas. We saw G again and he asked if we were going to come back and join them, but we said we were going to stay out there for now. A few minutes later we saw both T&G jet out of the party without saying anything. We felt really bad and decided that we would message them later on SLS to tell them why we had to pass on playing with them, at least for now.

We weren’t sure what to do since everyone had already gone upstairs to the playroom and we hadn’t really talked to any other couples except S&S. We just sat on the couch and played with each other a little and then the S&S came back down and sat on the couch too. At that point we weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we decided to go check out what was happening upstairs. We watched a bit and saw A&N up there. They are the couple we had played with the first time we went to J&K’s party and wanted to play again. N was sitting on the bed and I went over to her and started making out with her and she really enjoyed it. I went to take off her panties, but she said she couldn’t because she had her period. I was pretty disappointed that this night was not working out for us. S&S had followed upstairs and they ended up on the other side of the bed talking to another couple. After my make out session with N we saw S1 lying on the bed with another girl straddled over. I thought S1 was eating her out, but she wasn’t so I decided that I would go make out with (FYI we did ask them the screener question earlier so we knew they were good to play with). She was into it and then after a few minutes I asked if she would be ok if I fucked her boyfriend and she fucked mine. She said yes. I was a bit surprised since we weren’t sure if they were ready for a full swap.

We ended up playing with them for hours and had an awesome time. They were both really into it and they both talked really dirty, which was pretty cool. We ended playing so long that eventually everyone else left the room and it was basically our own private party. At one point I ended up on the top part of a 69 position with her. That was my first 69 with a girl and I really liked it. She has a really great pussy and it was a lot of to eat her out. She brought a vibrator with her too and I used it on her and I also got myself off with it while they watched. I think this was the longest swap we have had yet and it was totally worth it. We had a blast with them.

Even after a few disappointments that night I am very happy that we met S&S and I hope we get to see them again.

Him: When we first walked into the party it was just the hosts, J&K, and this gorgeous couple, G&T. They were both in their mid thirties; she was a tall beautiful blonde with a large chest and thin body. We had great chemistry with J&K and didn’t even notice as other couples trickled in. Sadly when we asked them when the last time they were tested they told us they haven’t been in the last four years. Our rule of course is no play with couples that haven’t been tested in the last six months, no exceptions. I don’t think we’ve ever been so disappointed that a couple failed the question than we were with these two. They were itching to get the party started and went into one of the play rooms, with the expectation we believe of us following them in. At this point we didn’t tell them we couldn’t play with them. Somehow the conversation went from us asking the question to them heading to the play room.

At this point a very attractive brunette was walking by and I stopped her and introduced myself and my girlfriend to her. She was in her late twenties, wearing a little black dress, and just had a really sexy body. Her boyfriend came over and we began chatting. Apparently they recognized us from Swing Life Style (SLS) and hadn’t sent us a message yet because they didn’t have any certifications yet (we require couples to have at least one certification before contacting us on SLS).

While talking with this new couple, G from G&T came out of the playroom and asked if we wanted to join them and I had to tell him we were going to stay where we were for the time being. They left the party approximately 5 minutes later.

This new couple, S&S were very attractive so our disappointment over G&T quickly subsided until we found out they were only soft swap. They told us they were open to the possibility of a full swap but we’ve been in that boat before and it didn’t quite work out so were planning on passing. They headed up to the play room ahead of us and we stayed behind for a few minutes to get each other hot and bothered. I’d rather go into a play room with an already made erection that I just have to maintain rather than having to get turned on with a dozen bodies all around me groping at different things.

While in the play room we noticed somehow S(F) ended up on her back in a weird 69 position with another girl but she didn’t seem to be enjoying it. My girlfriend went over to make out with S(F). The other girl got off of S(F) and my girlfriend told her she would like to fuck her boyfriend and they should swap and S(F) said she would like that. We were actually pretty shocked. Neither of us thought they would go for it. If we knew they would be so ready to upgrade to full swap we would have jumped on them about thirty minutes earlier.

Overall it was a really good experience. S(F) was extremely attractive, very flexible, and liked to talk dirty. The only issue I had was that because this was the first time they were full swapping S(F) was very self conscious about having protected sex and as a result she kept grabbing my cock and asking if I had a condom on which threw me off a bit and resulted in me losing my erection a couple of times (I know I know - clearly I'm easily thrown off) but after I came the first time I told her I wouldn’t ever penetrate her without a condom and if she ever wanted to check she could just feel the ring at the base of my cock to check. After that she seemed for feel more relaxed and comfortable and things were great. We played for a few hours, had sex twice…it was just a blast. What really turned me on was how she was really into seeing her boyfriend fuck my girlfriend. A lot of times the female doesn’t even glance back at her significant other and because I love seeing my girlfriend play I really liked to see someone who enjoys the same experience. I’m very happy we got to be their first couple.

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Anonymous said...

that's hot

bdenied said...

interesting night....its so nice to see younger couples exploring their sexuality....most of us dont get started until we are much older.....while swinging is fun your post points out that it can surely be complicated...perhaps that is why we just prefer my wife to play with her boyfriends and i remain on the sidelines so to speak

Anonymous said...

We totally understand what you mean about wanting to enter a play area already "pre-bonered" as we call it, haha. It's pretty intimidating and overwhelming no matter how experienced one is i think. Having a little one on one time is key for us. We definitely get shy in moments and having S(f) constantly worried about safety (it's understandable, we all are, but still) would throw anyone off I think!

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