Single Guy’s Guide: What to Wear to a Swingers Event

Shockingly it appears that there is a significant number of Single Men that have absolutely no clue on how what to wear to a Swingers Event (clubs, parties, dates).

When a person (whether it is a male or female) looks at you they make a judgment in a matter of seconds about you based upon your appearance.

What you look like says a lot about who you are. If you took the time to look nice then that tells a couple or single female that you care about yourself and are taking the concept of meeting someone and connecting with them seriously.

We have a simple rule when we go out when it comes to how Single Men are dressed:

If they aren’t dressed nice, we pass.

It is as simple as that.

Too many men look like they were hanging out at their house and spontaneously decided to go to a Swingers Club.

Here is a BRIEF Guide (though it shall grow in length and detail over time) on how to dress well for a Swingers Event. Please Note that this isn’t the only way to dress and find success, but for many of you who are simply clueless this Guide will help A LOT.

Starting from top to bottom:

Accessories & Grooming

Wear Cologne. Look online for the top ten cologne currently on the market and purchase a couple of them.

If you are balding, shave your head. Just do it. If you look terrible what is left of your head of hair will grow back in about a month.

If you are not balding, do something with your hair. If part of your routine to get prepared to go out does not involve some time on your hair you are not doing enough. Start looking at different hair styles and experiment. Each experiment will last approximately a month so there is no harm to exploring different possibilities.

Bring Gum/Breath Mints with you and Condoms. The Gum/Mints are extremely important if you smoke. Make sure you have one after smoke breaks.


Start with three basics:
  1. A Casual Dress Shirt
  2. A Polo Shirt
  3. A Blazer
You should at the very least have one of those on.

You can combine a Casual Dress Shirt with a sweater, a t-shirt, or the blazer. You can also combine a Blazer with a turtle neck or t-shirt.

However, do NOT wear just a t-shirt by itself UNLESS you look phenomenal in it, which chances are you do not.


Wear a belt.

Invest in either Boxers or Boxer Briefs. Throw out every pair of tighty whities you own.


You have two choices:
  1. Jeans
  2. Dress Pants
If you opt for the jeans, spend money on a good pair of jeans. There is a difference.

Do NOT under any circumstances wear sweat pants.

Wear Dress Socks, NOT white socks.


Wear either Dress Shoes OR Casual Dress Shoes. Do NOT wear Sneakers or Work Boots. Match the Dress Shoes with the Pants and the Casual Dress Shoes with the Jeans.

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This is such a good article and to be fair most of the advice is simple common sense. As fars as making yourself look nice and smell good is no different from a normal dating scenario - to have sex on the swingers scene you need to be clean and presentable!

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