Venue Review: Club Possibilities on April 2, 2010

Written From His Perspective:

We had decided to take March 2010 off from Swinging since we had been VERY active in the lifestyle since the year began. To start off the month we went to Club Possibilities in West Babylon (Long Island, NY). Friday nights at this venue allows Single Guys. Before arriving at Possibilities we decided to drive by Club Encounters which is only a few blocks away to see how many cars were parked outside. It seemed like they had a crowd, but we still wanted to hear from other people about their experiences since the admission price change for Couples.

Arriving at Club Possibilities, we were shocked that the parking lot was packed and the street was lined with cars. Prior to our month off Possibilities had been hit or miss on Friday nights – could a mere month made that much of a difference? Inside did not disappoint – it was wall to wall couples.

After the initial shock of the sheer number of those in attendance we realized that it was bordering on freezing in the club. Normally the temperature is perfect at Possibilities but tonight was not the case. The problem with cold temperature is that generally speaking a person is already a bit uncomfortable in such an environment and to be cold on top of that does not make things easier. Some people might joke, well you have all these lovely people to get warm with, wink-wink, but who really wants to start losing clothes when you are freezing?

We headed to the Juice Bar and surveyed the scene. There were some attractive young couples there but something seemed very off about the crowd as a whole. It was already 11:30 p.m. when things usually heat up, but no one was playing in the play areas. In fact, it seemed a bit cliquish which is not the usual vibe for an On-Premise Club. One odd thing in particular was that we noticed that a lot of the females didn’t look like they felt comfortable in the venue and were abusing alcohol.

We chatted with a few Single Guys here and there. One told us he was repeatedly going to Encounters and Possibilities that night, alternating between to the two and that there were hardly any Couples there – so we finally got an answer to the Encounters on Friday nights question – however, a Couple on Swing Life Style (SLS) did message us and tell us that their Saturday Night Couples Only Parties are pretty filled up.

A couple of hours after arriving we had our answer and the mystery was solved. While in the bathroom I overheard two guys in the bathroom discuss how one of them had originally went to the Taboo Lounge grand opening in Hauppauge with his girlfriend and the party was cancelled. Apparently someone said they knew of another place (Possibilities) and many of those intending to go to the Taboo Lounge as a result came to Club Possibilities. The guest list on SLS for the Taboo Lounge Event was massive – over a hundred Couples had placed themselves on the guest list. However, that venue was Off-Premises which explains why I was getting an off vibe from many of those in attendance – they simply weren’t in the right type of venue for what they were interested in. For those not familiar, in New York, On-Premise Clubs cannot get liquor licenses so they only have Juice Bars. You can bring your own alcohol (which many of these guests seemed to do) but Off-Premise Clubs are basically laid out with a dance floor area and a fully stocked bar – basically a regular club/bar for Swingers. A lot of couples that go to Off-Premise clubs are looking to either just get their feet a little wet in the lifestyle or find that elusive Single Female for a threesome. If they do swap, they do so off location at a house or hotel but not at the venue.

In the end we did chat with a few Single Guys and a Couple, but didn’t click with anyone. We never approached any of the younger couples that we considered attractive simply because they fell into one of three categories: (1) They were drunk and behaving obnoxiously, (2) They looked like they would rather be anywhere than where they were, and (3) They were so shocked at seeing couples actually playing at the venue (when play did actually start) that it was obvious they weren’t our type of couple.

Hopefully the next time we go they have a decent crowd, but one that actually intended to be there.

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