Ask Us Anything: What Does J Wear to a Swingers Party?

Question: What does J wear to a swingers party?

Him: J always wears a mini dress out to swinger events. She NEVER wears a bra or panties. She doesn't wear garters, sometimes she wears stockings, and she either wears high heels or boots. She loves to flash people and wearing no underwear allows that easily and it also allows easy access for those occassions where ease of access is required ;-) Even when we hang out with vanilla friends, if we are going to a party or to a club/bar, she will wear a mini dress with no underwear or a revealing top with no bra and a short skirt with no panties. At this point almost all our friends (male and female) have seen her pussy. It is always fun to watch guys constantly move around the room, whether at a swingers event or a vanilla party in an attempt to get a better view up her dress.

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