Ask Us Anything: What is the Best Way of Contacting You?

would love to mee you guys. We are heading to Encounters

Him: This question was asked today (April 12, 2010). I’m not sure if you have spent a tremendous amount of time on our site, but if you click on “Upcoming Events” on the top of this site you will be able to see what parties and clubs we will be heading to in the upcoming days and weeks. For this Friday we are headed to a Couples Only House Party so no Encounters for us on that night. As for just the plain fact that you would like to meet us, the “Ask Us Anything” feature is not exactly the best method of contacting us because posting our response on our site is the only means to reply to you. Rather, head over to the “Contact” section which can be accessed on the top of the site and either send us a message via the e-mail address provided OR through one of the online swingers sites we are a member of (preferably Swing Life Style (SLS) since we are the most active on that site).

Remember: You can ask us any questions you like anonymously via the form under "Ask Us Anything" on the right hand side of this page ;-)

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