Club Encounters Review Post Renovations and Price Reduction

Club Encounters is an On-Premise Swingers Club that is located at Cherri Bombs, 45 Kean Street, West Babylon, NY.

Written from Her Perspective

Last Friday night we went to check out Club Encounters for the first time since its renovation. It used to be free for couples on Friday nights but since the renovation they have started to charge couples $10 which is dropped from $25.

I must say they did put a lot of work into the place and I think most of the updates were worth it. The best changes they made were to the private playrooms. They changed the curtain to the playrooms from semi-clear plastic to a solid dark curtain and added a divider on the outside of the doorway to keep people from opening the curtain while there are people inside. They also put in nice new beds with real mattresses and sheets. Another nice touch is that they now have a rack with tons of clean towels inside the playrooms. You used to have to go and ask for clean towels at the bar. Even though you are in a swingers club it could be a bit awkward to have to go out to the bar for towels. The lighting in the playrooms is also much better and they added some interesting mirrors so that you can watch yourself and the other people playing with you while lying on the bed. I would give the updates to the playrooms 90% improvement. It would have been awesome if they put a real door in instead of just the curtain.

One of the updates they made which we were not too happy with is that the open play area is now completely couples only. Single guys can only enter by invite only. It used to be an area with a ton of couches and TVs and anyone could just go hangout there and even play there if they chose to. Now, they have divided the area into two sections with a large bed in each with couches surrounding it and a big mirror on the wall like they put in the private playrooms so that you can get a good view of all the angles. It looks nice but we liked it better the way it was before. Now we feel this area has a strange vibe; even the couples were a bit weary of going into that area and everyone was kind of hovering around the outside not sure what to do.

Another thing I was not too fond of was the volume of the music. Right next to one of the raised couples’s only areas in the main area of the club there was a new DJ and he was blasting the music so loud that we could barely hear ourselves talk. We saw a couple there that we knew and we were talking to them in that area and it was really difficult to carry a conversation with the music so loud.

There are a few other nice touches they added besides the updates to the playrooms. There is now a free buffet with real food (not just mini bags of chips anymore), all new flat screen televisions and a few new tables and chairs by the bar area so you can have a place to eat and have drinks. We didn’t check out the bathroom so I am not sure if anything is different in there, but I thought it was fine before.

We didn’t stay too long that night because we had to wake up early to get ready for a vanilla party we were having the next day, but we really wanted to check out the changes to the club. We were happy with the club before the renovation and although they made some great changes, overall we just felt the vibe that night was off. Perhaps it is just that people are getting used to the new set up and things will feel better and more relaxed again soon.

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