Hot Wives of NYC Parties Indefinitely Cancelled Due Scandal

A Couple in Suffolk County hosted the Hot Wives of NYC swingers parties every summer at their home.  These parties were single male friendly and were normally pretty popular and a lot of fun.  They were to host their first party of this year this coming weekend, Saturday May 15th but just the other day we recieved the following two emails:

E-Mail 1: "We are sorry to say that one of our competitors sent out a white envelope in the mail to everyone where we live on our block showing the details of our pool parties and nude pics of me and my wife and all the info on SLS under events.  Needless to say we are not able to have anymore parties but what these people did was illegal and we love to find out who did it the list is very short"

E-mail 2: "Today a large white envelope with no return add on it was mailed to every house where we live.  There were 7 pages of details and pictures of me and my wife from SLS in there with all the details of our pool parties and that we are swingers.  They even put in nude pics of me and my wife.  Needless to say this must be a competitor who did not want us to draw over 100 people a party away from their clubs or parties.  We love to find out who did this because it is an attack on not just us but all our members.  Needless to say we cant have these parties anymore being that we have one child under 17 still living at the house.  If anyone should find out who did this we would love to know sorry to all of you."
Some Thoughts:
  • A good reason NOT to host LIFESTYLE events at your own home.
  • People can be petty, it could have been anyone and did not necessarily have to be a competitor.
  • Not sure how these actions were illegal.  We aren't sure exactly what was in the letters sent out but it seems to just be copies of information they have already released to the public via their mailing lists and through SLS.
  • Don't see why they couldn't continue hosting parties and just have their child stay with a babysitter or relatives.  If the child is under 17 they shouldn't be there regardless but are unaware of why if the child was not on premise there would be any illegality.
  • We were looking forward to these parties and we are sad to see them go.

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K3 said...

So sorry to hear about the cancellation. I agree with y'all that it isn't necessarily a reason to cancel the party or to think the actions were illegal. However, maybe the couple is leaving out more distressing information about the pictures? Hopefully not but like you said people can be petty and sometimes crazy =p

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident of this type. Last year, someone tried to ruin the White Party at a swinger club, albeit with different methods.

MikeCindynJoe said...

We used to party in Suffolk county too. Small world.

I'm thinking the snitch is a neighbor who objects to the lifestyle parties. I am aware only vaguely of "competing" parties, but this took too much work and planning to gain a competitive edge for a neighborhood party. This was personal... mean and spiteful.

That's my 2 cents worth.


zenny said...

i real very very sorry for cancellation.maybe the couple is leaving out more distressing information about the pictures
סרטי סקס

The Hamptons Party said...

THIS kind of crap has to stop,I have no idea why all us promoters can work together, its a damn shame.
We would never stoop that low.
Gary & Evgeniya

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