Hot Wives of NYC Party Accuses the Manor as Source of Scandal

The Hot Wives of NYC released the following Newsletter on Swing Life Style (SLS) to its members accusing the Manor of sending information about the hosts of the Hot Wives of NYC parties to their neighbors (which apparently included copies of nude photos of the hosts along with the details of the parties they host):

We want to thank all our members for your support in the past last summer was a great summer of pool parites. Our first party was going to have about 200 people but as you know white envelopes with lables and our profile plus the profile of all the people who were signed up were mailed to our whole area where we live. In order to protect our members and our minor children we had to shut down the parties. The funny thing is Jimmy of Robertos also received the same white envelope with the same label which was mailed to 30 other bar restaurants affiliated with the bar he was going to have his taboo party. Again that envelope shut his party down. The only difference was the bar was called 5 times by the same number wanring that the fire marshall will show up. Well what that caller did not know was that they had caller id. The caller was the Manor located in Bethpage. I had an investigator take the envelope from Jimmy and myself to a lab and it was an exact match. I also have had an insider from the manor contact me telling me that the Manor did this to me, my family and my members. I feel that this act should not go unpunished and I asked you all to boycott the manor. If they can show your profile to the general public how can they really care about any of us? I plan on having parties this summer in East Hampton in a mansion on the ocean and make a comback next year. Thank you all for your support.

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