Our Swing Life Style (SLS) Profile Was Temporarily Suspended

We love Swing Life Style (SLS) but during the last week we’ve had a really annoying issue with them. Similar to our website, we list on our profile the different events we are attending so that couples and singles can message us about those events and possibly meet us there

Anyway, apparently someone reported our account for doing just that on our SLS profile. As a result SLS took our profile “Offline” and claims that the wording of our profile made us the “Contact Person(s)” for those events listed by informing people to message us for more information about those events.

The whole thing was terribly silly and time consuming and it has been the first issue we’ve ever had with SLS since signing up for their service in 2008.

What we don’t understand is why if someone has an issue with our profile they just don’t message us directly instead of behaving like little children and reporting us. It was probably some nitwit(s) that felt insulted that we passed on playing with them. Sad, very sad.

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Anonymous said...

Goes to the same reason why someone would intentional try to kill another person's party. This whole scene can quickly turn childish and petty. Just when you thought high school was behind you...

K3 said...

Sorry to hear about the drama =p . Seems like this is one of the reasons K5 and I would like to develop a close group of couples and eventually depend less on Swingers sites. Still, they are worth it. SDC has proven great for us and hopefully we can avoid these timely disruptions, but it happens. Thanks for posting =)

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