Ask Us Anything: Can You Recomend Places for STD Testing?

Question: having regulars tests is a great idea. Can you recomend places for testing and post links to thier web sites.

Him: You can have your primary doctor do the exam or if you are a female you can ask your gyno to do it. There are of course free clinics in some cities or places like planned parenthood but there is no reason you should not begin an open dialogue with your doctor about the activities you are engaged in and ask for a full battery of tests every 3 to 6 months.

Be aware that as far as we can tell after a year and a half of swinging that MOST Couples and Singles DO NOT ask about testing or even HIV/STD status of potential playmates. If you read swinger forums a lot of people justify this by saying if you swing you are bound to get something anyway (specifically genital warts and herpes), and others say there is no point in regular testing because you are only as safe as the last person you slept with but all of this is nonsense.

The truth is by getting regularly tested you (1) make yourself more aware of the risks involved in sleeping with multiple people and will be more on the look out for any possible infections on people, (2) if you do get something you can inform those who possible gave it to you or others you may have spread it to early on so it is not spread to other people, and (3) it allows you to easily ask others when the last time they were tested and if they have anything and not worry about them asking you the same question back and not having an answer and if they cannot answer the question in a believable way then you just spared yourself a possible disaster.

Who wants to have awesome sex with a gorgeous person only to regret it moments later because you have no idea if you just put yourself at terrible risk for a sexually transmitted disease. And don't forget, condoms can and do break and don't protect you from all stds. You can bang away with someone and think you are fine because you through a rubber on but that is far from the truth and it is actually scary how many people won't tell you they have something simply because you never had the balls and self-respect to ask them.

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Anonymous said...

We are totally baffled that getting tested isn't the norm but we always ask specific questions and ask when the last time a couple was tested before we touch them. Ugh, just shocking some of the responses we've gotten!

I'm also shocked that anyone over the age of 18 would ask you guys to recommend some testing places! Anyone that is sexually active at any age should be aware of the risks and get themselves checked out at least twice a year. Just blows my mind that a grown adult would need to ask where to get tested when their own doctor can do just that not to mention the other places you mentioned.

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