Review: The Kumasatra Lounge Toga Party

We were invited to our first ever Toga Party that took place last Saturday (May 22nd) in Suffolk County, Long Island. It was an On-Premise party and was hosted at a house. There was a bartender on staff.  Below is our His & Her Review.

Him: I wore the traditional twin bed sheet toga while my girlfriend wore a two piece which consisted of a body pillow wrapped around her chest and another one wrapped around her waist.

Whenever we go to a new party our biggest concern is what the age makeup of the party will be. This one was mixed. There were Couples in their twenties, thirties, and forties. We have found the best parties are those that keep the age cut off at around forty (even if the hosts are above that age).

We were interested in three of the Couples our age but really only interacted significantly with two of them. T (Male) & I (Female) and A (Male) & J (Female).

We saw A&J at a party a month earlier and it seemed that J needed a good deal of social lubrication to feel comfortable, which is always a concern for us. As we interacted with them our interest level was raised, however at some point while we were interacting with another couple we realized A&J and also J (Male) & M (Female), another attractive couple in their twenties, were missing in action. We wandered upstairs to the play area and found the four of them in bed together, though each were playing with their respective partners.

My girlfriend and I played with each other while we watched. We wanted to join them but because we had not yet asked them about their HIV/STD status we just enjoyed the show. However, the show did not go very well.

At some point they swapped but before things could get serious (they did not get past oral) J (Female) suddenly tried getting A’s attention. He ignored her and she got very upset. A verbal argument between them ensued and J stormed out of the room.

A told us they had never been able to consummate a full swap because she has always gotten jealous and freaks out. One of the hosts of the party came into the room and told A his girlfriend was very upset, to which A responded that he didn’t care and that this was a usual occurrence. I actually thought the host was going to ask him to leave, since I know other hosts that would not tolerate such behavior, but this one did not.

We decided to leave the play area and spend some time with T&I getting to know them. This was their first party they had ever been to. We were interested in them but wanted to get to know them some more (we are always apprehensive about playing with newbies because you never know how they will react if things progress). We gave T&I our contact information before they left and they are expected to attend one of our non-swinger parties next weekend.

We headed back to the play area and saw the same scenario as before. J&M and A&J in bed together, however just playing with their respective partners.

At one point J&M finished fucking each other. They did not use a condom so M was full of cum. As far as we are concerned, sloppy seconds, especially of that nature is enough to pass on pursuing something sexual with them for that evening. Maybe we will have a chance to get to know them better in the future.

After J&M finished, J of A&J wanted us to come join but without having the HIV/STD conversation with them we do not want to place ourselves in that position so we told we were fine where we were just watching and then shortly after left the room to go to the downstairs living room.

A&J came downstairs and J sat next to my girlfriend and started touching her and also touching me. I was getting very turned on and so was my girlfriend so we decided to ask her when the last time she was tested. She failed the question :-(

Apparently the only exam she has ever gotten was from her gynecologist which is the yearly checkup – but unless you ask for HIV/STD testing, they don’t actually normally do blood work and all that jazz. So sadly we had to pass and the night ended without us playing with anyone.

Her: This was our first Toga Party we had ever been to. It was fun figuring out how to make something that is not very sexy look sexy. My boyfriend found some photos of sexy toga girls online so we were able to get a some good ideas for a sexy toga. I wore a two piece toga. I wrapped a large body pillow case around my waist for the skirt and tied another body pillow case across my chest. I was happy with how it came out and felt very sexy. My boyfriend looked good in a traditional style toga made using a bed sheet. In about two hours we were ready for our first toga party.

M (male half) & K (female half) were the hosts of the party. We met M first and he was super friendly and made us feel very comfortable. He introduced us to everyone and took us on a tour of the house. Everyone was really nice and fun to talk to. Later on in the party K arrived and she was really attractive and sweet.

There were a few young couples at the party that we somewhat interested in, but were not sure which we wanted to play with right away like we normally do at a house party so we just took our time and had a good time getting to know everyone. We met a young attractive couple (T&L) that was new to swinging and it was their first house party. We had really good chemistry with them, but we were not sure about playing with them yet since they were so new. After we talked to them for awhile we heard there was some action going on upstairs and went to go check it out.

In one of the bedrooms upstairs we saw two young couples playing next to each other on the same bed. The two girls (J and M) were really hot and it was a real turn on to watch them. My boyfriend and I watched them play and we fooled around a little by ourselves. Eventually they ended up starting to swap. J‘s boyfriend, A, was playing with the other girl (M) and J couldn’t handle it and ended up getting very upset and leaving the room. A decided to stay and continue watching the other couple play. We talked to A a little and found out that this is something that happens frequently when they are about to swap. My boyfriend and I watched the other couple a little longer and then decided to go back downstairs again.

We chatted with different couples some more and eventually traveled back upstairs again to find the same two couples playing on the same bed again, but not swapping this time. J wanted me to go join her, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that so my boyfriend and I went downstairs again and started making out and touching on the couch alone. A few minutes later J was sitting on the couch next to us and started touching me and my boyfriend. I enjoyed it so we decided that we may play with her and her boyfriend if they passed our HIV/STD question, unfortunately they did not.

At this point we decided it was time to leave the party. We had a great time even though we did not get to play with anyone that night, but we made some good connections for future parties.

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