We Are Taking a Break from Single Guys

Him: As of the beginning of this month we decided to take a break from having Threesomes with Single Guys. 


Not worth the effort - when there really should be none. 

In regards to connecting to Single Men online, we have very simple rules: (1) We only meet Single Men at On-Premise swinger parties.  (2) Send us a picture in your first message.  (3) Follow the 2 certification/verification requirement on whatever service you are messaging us from.  Instead we constantly get messaged from idiots that either do not show up to clubs/parties they say they are going to, don't have the 2 certifications, don't send a picture, or ask us to meet them for drinks or dinner somewhere.  Who new people could be so idiotic.  We go to the parties and clubs that we list, WE ARE THERE.  If you can't simply show up (You don't even have to message us) and try to charm us with your personality and sexuality then why waste our time and yours with silly messages. 

As for most of these dimwads at these clubs - 99% of them are wall flowers or just creeps that stare - just like in the non-swinger world, .9% have the confidence to approach one or both of us (if you approach only one of us you are an idiot) but they are generally creeps, and to find that .1% is just not worth our time when it is far easier and more enjoyable for both of us to have a great time with a hot Couple.

So sorry guys, but unless some super attractive and charming guy magically appears and turns my girlfriend on and doesn't give me the creep vibe we are done for Single Guys for the near future.

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K5 said...

I have to admit, I'm glad you posted this about Single Guys because it pops a little bubble myth we've had for a while now. We don't play with Single Guys ever or for the foreseeable future but we joke that if we did, we'd have tons to play with because they seem so eager and readily available compared to the busy couples we want to play with or the elusive unicorns (mostly we aim for couples, but we're open to threesomes with women too if the perfect one comes along).

Anyway, sure they may be readily available but you are mirroring just what we've been frustrated with from time to time about couples not meeting our few requirements or being good communicators enough to set up dates, etc.

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