MFMF Full Swap with E&C

Background Information

We met E (Female) & C (Male) at the Behind Closed Doors All White Party on Saturday, June 26, 2010. We wrote a Review of the Party which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Review: Behind Closed Doors White Party.  The events below took place following the party 

Her: We met E&C at the Behind Closed Doors White Party. We saw them sitting on a couch alone so we decided to go over and introduce ourselves. We mostly talked to E and were having great conversation until we asked her “the question.” She thought it was a huge mood killer and after that the conversation kind of died. We also got turned off by her reaction to the question. It is just something that we ask everyone no matter what and I guess some people have never been asked about HIV/STDs and they find it uncomfortable.

Later on in the night we were having a soft swap with a couple we knew and after they left we saw E&C on the mattress next to us. I started to make out with E and then I think she gave my boyfriend a little blow job, but then all of a sudden all the lights in the place went on and the music just stopped. We had no idea what was going on, but apparently it was 3am and the party was over. What a bummer that was. E asked us and the other couple if we wanted to go get drinks at a bar in the neighborhood. We said sure and so did the other couple. Somewhere along the way the other couple disappeared so we decided to leave without them. This was not something we had done before and did not know how the night was going to end since it was already 3 in the morning. We enjoyed the conversation at the bar and we got to know C also since we didn’t really get to talk to him at the party. E asked if we wanted to go back to their apartment which was only a short walk away. We decided to give it a try and go back to their place.

This was the first time we were going to a couple’s place and knew that we were going to play. E said she had a double dildo that she wanted to try and asked if I wanted to use it with her. I said of course and thought that it would be a good way to get things going once we got to their place.

We finally got to their apartment…it must have been almost 4:30 in the morning. Once in their bedroom E and I started to kiss and take off clothes. We soon swapped partners which I have noticed tends to happen pretty quickly, even though the girls are into each other. C started to go down on me while my boyfriend and E played next to us. I think I was sensitive down there from playing at the party and came pretty quickly. Then I gave C a condom and he wanted me to go on top. He had a very thick cock so it was a little difficult at first, but once I got going it felt really good. E was right next to us on top of my boyfriend. I really like when we are both having sex next to each other and I hear the other girl moaning because of my boyfriend. After the first round of sex E took out the double dildo and we used it together. We were facing towards each other on our backs and she was moving the dildo back and forth with her hand. It felt really good and looked hot. We did that for awhile and then we were ready to have sex again. We started out missionary and then I went on top again. It felt much better to be on top with him for some reason. Maybe it was because his cock was thick. After the second time he went down on me again and my boyfriend went down on E. I wasn’t able to come again but it sounded like E came from my boyfriend. After that both my boyfriend and C were able to go for a third round of sex. We were all sweating like crazy, but were having such a good time that we were able to keep on going. E seemed really into my boyfriend. After that we all passed out in the bed.

Around 7am my boyfriend woke me up and we headed out. I think they wanted us to stay longer, but we had plans in a few hour and had to leave so we left them our card with our contact information. We had a blast with them and it was a really good first experience having a one on one time at a couples place. After a very long night and morning we took our first “walk of shame”.

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