Review: Hampton’s 5th Annual White Party + 2 MFMF Experiences

Background Information:

This party was an On-Premise house party located in Hampton Bays, Long Island on Saturday, July 17, 2010. We had heard good things about the Hampton’s Party and had seen their events posted on the various lifestyle services we are members of but it wasn’t until the hosts (G&E) commented on our blog and sent us an evite that we took a serious look at their parties. It is a Couples Only party at the G&E’s residence. They had bartenders (though it was BYOB), a DJ, a wonderful heated pull, a hot tub, and tons of play areas. It was $80 per Couple if you pre-paid before they reached a certain number of Couples, after that the price increased. The party ran from 3 p.m. to we suppose everyone wore themselves out from screwing like rabbits in heat.

Him: I had been looking forward to attending this party all month. We arrived at 3:30 p.m. and found that we were the second Couple to arrive. The hosts were busy in party prep mode which left us a bit bored for about another thirty minutes until guests started coming in. We love arriving early to not only get to meet guests as they come in but also to get to know the hosts, so we were a bit disappointed about them being so occupied but that was perhaps the only aspect of the party we were disappointed with. Around 7 p.m. is when the party started to really pick up pace with many guests arriving at that time and after. The age range appeared to span from early twenties to early forties with more attractive Couples than I have ever seen at any lifestyle party we’ve so far attended. By the time we called it a night there had to be at least a hundred Couples there if not more.

We really clicked early on with a European Couple, S&F. S was extremely attractive brunette with a very appealing accent. While we were chatting with them they told us that when they first started swinging they met a Couple who blogged about the experiences they had with S&F and when S&F found the blog they weren’t too thrilled. They said that now that they are more experienced they probably wouldn’t mind but both my girlfriend and I decided it was best to just keep our mouths shut about our little project here.

As the afternoon went on we met many other Couples but S&F interested us the most. They passed our HIV/STD Test question and we were both very attracted to them so we decided to see if they were up for heading to one of the play areas. While the four of us were hanging out in the pool naked, my girlfriend made the suggestion and S seemed very hesitant and F said they were going to pass. We were very disappointed and a bit confused but we figured oh well, not a big deal. As we started to move away from them S changed her mind, asked us where the play area was and decided we should all go there.

We had a full swap with S&F and both my girlfriend and I had a really good time. Perhaps too good of a time because when we were through playing with S&F we saw another Couple we were really interested in, K&M whose Toga Party we attended a short while back. Looking back on this we probably should have given me about an hour recuperation time considering just the night before we went to a swingers House Party all the way in New Jersey and only had about 3 hours sleep between these two parties. Anyway, K was giving me a blow job in the hot tub while my girlfriend was going down on M. It took me a little while to get hard (about ten minutes or so) because I literally just came and cleaned myself up several minutes before this. We decided to head into one of the play rooms and have fun.

When we got to the play room a Couple was already in there playing. We shut the door behind us and the male half of the Couple got upset telling us that if we shut the door the room was going to get too hot. I told him not to worry about it but he wouldn’t stop going on about it. This whole debate about the stupid door caused me to lose my erection. I told him if it got too hot we would just open up a window (there were several of them) which seemed to shut him up. I started going down on K while M went down on my girlfriend but we were on stupid air mattresses. To all the hosts out there PLEASE toss your air mattresses and store a bunch of real mattresses somewhere. I know it is inconvenient but it seriously sucks to play on an air mattress. I started fucking K doggy style but the sinking into the floor was throwing me off and I really hope she doesn’t think it was her but I lost my erection again. Which happened again a few minutes later when I was going at her missionary. I haven’t had erection issues when swinging in a LONG TIME and this was really frustrating. I know the girl should never think it is her but they almost always do. M seemed to have worn himself out fucking my girlfriend and they decided to head to the pool, which is a shame because my stupid cock decided to work at that point and I fucked my girlfriend for about ten minutes or so until I came, lol. We cleaned up and went to go look for them to wish them a good night but they had left already. Since I was thoroughly exhausted at this point I suggested we head out – it was around midnight and the place was packed with super hot Couples but I didn’t think I could go for a round three. Definitely looking forward to their next party and hopefully I can make it up to K sometime down the road.

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Vladimir Massillon said...

Nice, though the prices for these parties seem a little bit high, perhaps it's an east coast thing...Btw I think it would be an easier read to assign the partners pseudonyms rather than initials, which can be harder to keep track of.


J said...

Hey guys, most "house parties" in the Tri-State Area are free though some of the larger house parties and club parties are a bit pricey - anywhere between $80 to $200. It may be easier to use pseudonyms. We will give it a shot during our next post ;-)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I feel you get what you pay for. Sometimes smaller house parties are better because you can hand select people

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