Review: Naked Hot Tub Party + 3 MFMF Experiences

Background Information:

This party was an On-Premise house party located in Long Island on Saturday, June 19, 2010. We originally found out about the party via Sexxy Mofo's events listings. It was hosted by C&D. There were at least a dozen couples, maybe more, ranging in age from twenties to mid-forties. C&D had plenty of liquor and food. There were two bedrooms for play areas and a more open play area in the main section of the house.

Him: I had a very good time at this party. The party was scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. and as is our common practice we arrived at that time to find (like usual, lol) that we were the first ones there and would continue to remain so for at least an hour and a half. We had a couple of drinks and got to know the guests as they began to trickle in. We hit it off right away with a young couple, C&S and also an older Couple in their forties, K&J. We all got naked and headed into the hot tub where we had fun flirting and lightly playing with each other.

Several Couples that apparently didn’t quite get that a Naked Hot Tub party meant you should expect to see naked people in the hot tub left after a couple of hours. After the sexual tension became too much to handle in the hot tub, my girlfriend and I headed to one of the bedrooms with C&S and K&J and proceeded to have a ton of fun. I know my girlfriend got eaten out by S, but for some reason he didn’t fuck her. I fucked C for awhile and I honestly don’t remember how I ended up switching and fucking K who I think was playing with my girlfriend a bit as well. We proceeded to have a blast of sexual fun until we wore ourselves out and then headed back to the hot tub. What was curious though was that my girlfriend didn’t get fucked, not once.

Anyhow, the party continued and we met a late arrival, M&J, a young Couple in their late twenties/early thirties. At first my girlfriend was a bit turned off by the male half of the Couple, J because he was being a bit too aggressive but after we go to know them a bit better he grew on my girlfriend and we proceeded to one of the bedrooms and swapped. I went down on M and then began fucking her. I was watching my girlfriend suck J’s cock and he asked M if she had a condom. My girlfriend said she had one (we prefer using our own condoms when playing because we know where they’ve been, that they haven’t been damaged due to poor storage or have expired). He took one look it and said, “these don’t work” and tossed it onto the dresser. Now I’m sorry, but huh? The dude actually decided not to use the condom and didn’t fuck my girlfriend. Btw, the condom she gave him was a Trojan Ultra Thin…it wasn’t a no-named condom or anything like that. I was shocked that we went through a whole night and I slept with three different women and not one guy fucked her. Talk about bizarre.

Her: The Naked Hot Tub Party was a blast. Of course, we were the first couple to arrive by a long shot and got to spend time with the hosts C&D while they finished getting everything ready for the party. Some people may find it uncomfortable to get to a party before anyone else, but we prefer to be on time so we can meet everyone as they arrive and get to know the hosts. We also decided to try a new tactic and ask almost everyone we talked to the HIV/STD question early on this way if we wanted to join a Couple that was already playing in bed we would know their status.

The first couple to arrive that we talked to was C&S. We connected very well with them right away and had a great time talking to them. After talking to C&S for awhile we noticed that there was some food ready by the BBQ. We went to get something to eat and we then met K&J.

We chatted with a few attractive couples who all failed “the question”. We saw C&S and K&J going in the hot tub naked so we decided to go join them. The hot tub was really nice and could fit about 10-12 people. First the two girls started to kiss and play with each other a bit. Then Cathy started to make out with me. We didn’t play in the hot tub too much because you can’t have safe sex in a hot tub.

We asked C&S if they wanted to go inside to a bedroom. We went inside and were followed by K&J. We focused on C&S first. C and I played together and then my boyfriend started to fuck her doggy style and then turned her over and fucked her missionary. My boyfriend then switched to K and began fucking K doggy style and she started to moan like crazy. It was really awesome. My boyfriend was fucking her so good that she couldn’t focus on eating me out.

S went down on me and I kissed J once or twice. S made me come, but he didn’t have sex with me for some reason. I figured he would have since my boyfriend had sex with his wife. It was pretty crowded in there so maybe he didn’t feel comfortable. After my boyfriend came we decided to take a break and meet some more people. I think C&S and K&J ended up playing with each other for hours after that. We had an awesome time with those two couples. It kind of felt like a little orgy because the bed got so crowded and my boyfriend slept with two women in a row.

When we left to bedroom a bunch of new couples came and were sitting in the backyard. We tried to encourage them to go into the hot tub since it was a naked hot tub party, but they didn’t want anything to do with it. We got bored by them and decided to go take a look and see what was going on inside. While my boyfriend was in the bathroom a guy, J, came over and he introduced himself to me. He was pretty touchy right away and gave me a bit of creepy vibe at first. Then his girlfriend, M, came over and we talked a bit together. They were young and she was attractive, but I didn’t feel the chemistry was right. I think it was because I thought J was coming on a bit too strong.

I decided to begin talking to a recent arrival and we all decided to hang out in the hot tub. They were a soft swap couple (I do not recall their names). Soon the hot tub filled up with some other people. One them was M (from M&J) and C the hostess. My boyfriend and I decided that we should give M&J another chance so I shifted over to talk to M. She was very nice and was also into girls. I ended up making out and touching her. Then her boyfriend J came over to the hot tub and he was talking about where he was from and he actually seemed pretty nice and fun after all. I think I got the wrong first impression of him. I asked M if they would want to go into the bedroom with us and she said yes. In the bedroom I started by playing with M and then we swapped. J ate me out for awhile and I came while my boyfriend had sex with M. J wanted a condom, but he didn’t know where his were so I gave him one of ours. He said that he couldn’t use that kind because it would break. I just gave him a blow job a little, but I don’t really like to do it to other guys because I get nervous that they will come in my mouth. Then he went down on me again, but I was pretty sensitive and couldn’t come again. M was now giving my boyfriend a blow job. Then my boyfriend left the room for a minute to use the restroom. While he was gone J started to have sex with M from behind and she fingered me and ate me out a little. When my boyfriend came back M went to the bathroom. J told us that they had sex 5 times at home that day and weren’t even going to come out, but they decided to come anyway so he was pretty exhausted from their own fun that day.

We decided to head back to the hot tub. A few new couples arrived. At this point it must have been after midnight. I was surprised that people were still showing up so late. Most people had already left, but we stayed in the hot tub talking to the soft swap couple again. They seemed to want to play with us, but we just weren’t interested in a soft swap. They decided to go play in a bedroom together and he told us that we could join them if we wanted to. We just stayed in the hot tub. After awhile things winded down and it was time to go.

It was an amazing party. I can’t believe my boyfriend had sex with three different women in one night (four if you include me). This was definitely one of the best house parties we have been to. I had a blast too even though none of the guys had sex with me I still enjoyed oral from both the guys and ladies that we played with. And getting to watch my boyfriend was awesome. I hope they have another party soon.

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Pepper said...

What is the "question" that those couples failed?

J said...

Before playing with a Couple we ask each of them when the last time they have had an HIV/STD test done. If it has been more than 6 months ago we do not play with them. Also even if they do say a date that is within the 6 month range if they hesitate too long in answering, seem confused or if they come off as dishonest we also pass on playing with them. At least half of all Couples we ask the question to haven't been tested within the last 6 months. One Couple at a party told us in the five years they have been swinging we were the first Couple to ask them that question.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's met J or even just seen her picture will agree, missing an opportunity to sleep with her is a major mistake. To the guys who were at the party and missed out, it's definitely your loss!

Inferno said...

We have been asked before sex just one time ever by a couple.

We don't ask.

People lie... so we figure unless it becomes the norm for swingers to carry results with them there is no point in asking.

I honestly kind of wish it was the norm.

We live by condoms, and we bring our own.
Same reasons as you for that.
Not sure if people have stored them correctly or damaged them by throwing them in a purse or leaving them in sunshine or some other latex destruction scenario.

As for our own testing... we get tested a couple times a year just for our own mental security.
So - We would pass the test :)

J said...

People may be dishonest but by asking you at least give yourself a chance to determine if someone is too risky to be worth playing with.

If a Couple tells us they have been playing for several years and have never been tested then that is just irresponsible behavior and we won't play with them. In addition if they come off dishonest (which is easier to tell than one might think) then we also pass.

While it is not a fool proof method it does add an additional layer of safety that condoms do not.

Condoms can break and condoms are not completely effective against herpes or genital warts. In addition almost no one uses condoms for oral sex.

There are people out there that have STDs that just won't say anything if you don't ask.

By asking you have absolutely NOTHING to lose and everything to gain if you realize someone all of a sudden looks really nervous or starts stammering over their answer.

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