Couple’s Only Dinner Party – Full Swap - Jocelyn & Tim

Background Information:

During the summer months the Couple’s Only Dinner Party turns into the Couple’s Only BBQ. This was an on-premise house party that took place on Saturday, July 24th in Nassau County, Long Island.

The Following is Written from His Perspective:

Full Swap - Jocelyn & Tim

We had prior dinner plans so we arrived at the party around 10:30 p.m., missing the actual BBQ by a wide margin. The BBQ started at 7 so we thought everyone would have been in the full swing of things by this time, but when we arrived everyone was hanging out in the living room chatting and still getting to know each other.

We made the rounds around the room getting to know everyone, trying to figure out who we had chemistry with and finding out when different Couples were last tested for HIV/STDs.

We were really interested in Madison and Nathan, an interracial Couple we met when we first started swinging. They were the first couple to invite us to a swingers party and they deserve some credit for introducing us to the lifestyle. However it was that time of the month for them so they were a no go to play with.

We ended up having excellent chemistry with Jocelyn & Tim. She was Hispanic, he was black. After all the Couples we have played with, my girlfriend had yet to play with a black guy and there was just something that really turned me on about Jocelyn, though I couldn’t put my finger on it. We flirted with them for what seemed like a very long time and it was announced the play area was ready to be played in. It seemed many Couples were a bit hesitant to head down to the play area but after one or two started heading down we decided it was time as well.

We had a super fun time with them. Jocelyn wanted to act out a fantasy she had of going down on a guy while her husband, Tim, fucked her from behind doggy style. I was more than happy to help them fulfill that fantasy, though it was extremely hard not to cum because Jocelyn really knew how to suck cock. After she satisfied her fantasy we swapped partners, me with Jocelyn, and my girlfriend with Tim. Jocelyn was definitely a moaner, but every time she let out a good moan she instinctively covered her mouth as though embarrassed by the sound. Sadly, this was a consequence of having children or in the alternative, of not having a sound proof bedroom. She realized how silly that was considering we were in a room full of people moaning away and let loose. She also had a habit of digger her nails into me which turned me on and also hurt at the same time. I was enjoying it but kept thinking in the back of my mind that I hope it doesn’t leave a mark. Thankfully it didn’t. It was great watching Jocelyn cum while I was fucking her.

The next Couple’s Only Dinner Party is their All White Party on September 5th. I don’t think there hasn’t been a party of theirs that we haven’t enjoyed :-)

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