Hampton's Lusty Luau Party + Two Full Swaps & A FMF Threesome

Background Information:

This is the second Hamptons Party we attended.  This was an On-Premise house party located in Hampton Bays, Long Island and took place last night, Saturday, August 21st, 2010. The party was co-sponsored by I Voyeur and Red Light Events.  It was a Luau theme, they had live music, open bar, tons of food, and once again a ton of sexy people. We are taking the advice of Tyson and Scarlett and made up fake names for those we played with instead of using initials. Let us know if this is indeed more helpful.

The Following is Written From His Perspective:

Full Swap - Layla & Wyatt

We arrived a little later than the last time we went. The party officially starts at 3 p.m. but we found the Hosts in party prep mode during their All White Party and not many guests there at that time so we decided to push our arrival time back slightly and arrived at 4:30. There were only a few Couples who arrived at this time but many more started trickling in shortly after. With rum and cokes in our hands we scanned the crowd that was there and recognized Layla & Wyatt, who we’ve been communicating with on Swing Life Style (SLS), and went up to say hi. Layla was an adorable girl, Mexican, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit. The four of us flirted over drinks on the upper deck and we asked them if they would like to join us in one of the play rooms. We headed down and found the play rooms completely deserted – we were off to a very early start. It was only around 5:30. We dimmed the lights and headed to the bed. Layla was pretty wild in bed. At one point as I was fucking her she told me she wanted to fuck me and when she went on top of me she was fucking me at angles I haven’t seen girls do before. It was definitely fun, but different at the same time.

After playing with Layla and Wyatt we went to the bathroom to clean all the appropriate areas. For those who are curious, basically we pee first. You should always pee after having sex with someone to flush out any bacteria. Then wash your mouth area with soap and water and your genitals with soap and water and if you have a small bottle of mouth wash with you, rinse out your mouth with it.

We headed upstairs to the kitchen to enjoy some food. I get post sex munchies every time. They had an assortment of foods but I think I ate half of a huge bowl of pasta. It was delicious. I just kept shoveling it first onto my plate and then into my mouth.

Now after the last party where we played with one couple and then rushed to play with another and I had equipment failure, we decided that we would give ourselves a two hour gap between playing with anyone new to give myself more than enough time to be fully recovered.

Full Swap - Lily & Jayden

We mingled with new people and then headed down to the pool area, put our towels on one of the lounge chairs and noticed Lily & Jayden who we met at the Hamptons All White Party. Lily is just a really attractive, thin brunette. And for those that don’t know, that is the description of “my type” of girl, so I was really attracted to Lily. We chatted and flirted for awhile with Lily and Jayden and when I knew there was no chance of equipment failure we invited them to join us in the bedroom. At this time it just reached the point where it was dark enough to call it night time, yet it still must have been early because there was absolutely no one playing in the bedroom we went to. Lily & Jayden were perhaps the most organized couple we’ve played with. They had a whole accessory bag with toys, condoms, and lube, and even brought their own bed sheets (which was actually a pretty good idea). Jayden kept talking dirty to Lily asking her if she liked me fucking her. I swear I have to really focus hard not to cum when people start talking dirty like that. I get so damn turned on.

We did our cleaning routine once more and then went to satisfy our post sex munchies. That pasta they made was wonderful. I must have ate about two dozen servings of it by the time the night was up. But you aren’t reading this for my food reviews, so moving on…we headed to the pool and our towels were missing. This led to at least a thirty minute search where we went all over the house looking for our towels. We found mine in their laundry room and my girlfriend’s in one of the play rooms on the back of a chair. Next time we will just leave our towels in the car until we are absolutely sure we will be using them.

Threesome - Emma

We hung out in the pool for awhile, but it wasn’t as warm as it was during the All White Party so we headed to the Hot Tub. There were several couples in there and we flirted and had fun. It was starting to get much later by this time. It must have been close to midnight and the crowd was thinning out a little. We mingled some more with different Couples and then came across Emma. Emma was this cute blonde haired Lithuanian girl who was walking by in a towel and had a bracelet that glowed green. As she was passing us I smiled at her and told her she was glowing and she came over to chat. She told us she lost her bathing suit and showed us she wasn’t wearing anything under the towel. We headed to the hot tub together and I left the two of them together while I went to the restroom. I don’t know what some people do in these bathrooms but there were a few occasions last night where I thought my bladder was literally going to explode from waiting so long. After some time and a now empty bladder I returned to the hot tub to find Emma and my girlfriend flirting away. My girlfriend told me she was really interested in playing with Emma, but I was confused. I asked my girlfriend where Emma’s other half was and she told me there was no other half, she was single. A Unicorn. No way. The three of us started making out, letting our hands roam, and then decided to move the party to the bedroom where we had our most enjoyable threesome to date. The best part about Emma was that she was really into my girlfriend. Sometimes when we play with Couples or Singles, the girl on girl play is just part of the foreplay that leads to sex and what they really want is the cock. This of course is completely fine, but every now and then it is great to come across a girl that you can tell is totally into playing with girls and that in itself is a super turn on for both of us.

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Vladimir Massillon said...

:) thought maybe I was the only one who got post sex munchies. Sounds like a fun time, we've yet to have the ever elusive unicorn.

J said...

We've had threesomes with two Unicorns and one non-swinger girl. They're out there :-)

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