Ask Us Anything: Intersted in Playing with a Goodlooking Single Guy?

Question: Intersted in playing with a goodlooking single guy? 9in long 7in thick and cut

Answer: We are only currently playing with Couples and Single Females. We wish you the best.

Remember: You can ask us any questions you like anonymously via the form under "Ask Us Anything" on the right hand side of this page ;-)

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inferno said...

How come so many single guys that write couples describe themselves as good looking and packing a nine inch tool I wonder.

I usually write them back and tell them that they are supposed to measure on the top side of the penis and that the measurement they took from clear back at the anus to the tip doesn't count.

J said...

They must be under the false belief that women think the same way men do. These men don't get laid often.

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