NYPD Shuts Down New York Swingers Party

According to an e-mail received from New York Swingers Party, the NYPD recently raided one of its parties.  A copy of the e-mail is below:
"As many of you might have heard, this past Friday night's swingers party celebrating Rudy's birthday was shut down by the NYPD. A few of the people helping with the event were detained for several hours and released with no charges. No guests were detained.

The excuse for such a raid was the fact that the space was considered residential and was the result of neighbors complaints. Our opinion is that this is an attack on swinging and swingers events. Fortunately there is little they can do to shut us down completely as its not against the law to swing. Unfortunately we will have to be extra careful that we are within local codes for organizing events. This includes finding locations that are commercial and set up for having gatherings, getting specific permits for such gatherings and being much more selective with our crowd. Ultimately we feel that these things will bring a higher level of qualify to our events and to the community as a whole."
As one could imagine this is disconcerting.  None of us want to be at a party raided by police.  We will be staying away from their parties for awhile as a result, even if something of theirs looks interesting.

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Inferno said...

Seems like more and more of this is happening all over the states.

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