NJ House Party - One Full Swap + One Half Swap

Background: This party took place on Saturday, July 3rd at a house in New Jersey. It was an On-Premise party. The hosts, Mackenzie & Riley originally messaged us on Sexxy Mofo but we continued our correspondence through Swing Life Style (SLS).

The Following is Written Through His Perspective:

We arrived at the party on time, which of course means we were the first ones there. The hosts Mackenzie & Riley weren’t even ready yet. We hung out with them in the kitchen for awhile until guests began to arrive. We all started doing shots around the kitchen island and having a good time. We were working our way through the guests finding out which ones were safe to play with and which ones weren’t, and which ones were full-swap and which ones soft. Khloe & Jeremy, a couple that we have known from attending their parties arrived. We were surprised to see them but glad they came. They are always fun to hang out with. Khloe is a cute blonde and Jeremy looks is built like he-man and from seeing him play with girls in the past, has a cock that looks like a battering ram.

At some point I went to take a leak and when I came out my girlfriend was completely naked and making out with Mariah, an average looking blond girl. The crowd was egging them on to go upstairs and play, but my girlfriend decided she wasn’t up for it at the moment and put her clothes back on. I think she got a bit nervous from all the focus being on her. We hung out downstairs in the kitchen for awhile more chatting with different couples and noticed Khloe & Jeremy, Riley the host, and Mariah with her husband Sawyer had disappeared. We went upstairs to check out what was going on and saw them all fooling around upstairs. They wanted us to join them and my girlfriend decided she was ready to have some fun so we went into the room.

Khloe was blowing Sawyer while Mariah was ridding Jeremy on the floor. My girlfriend started playing with Khloe a little bit. Mariah seemed to be really enjoying fucking Jeremy. Apparently she liked it a little rough and started smacking him. Riley came from behind and told her he wanted to fuck her in the ass. He slid his cock in and they were both fucking her. She seemed to really be enjoying it but her husband Sawyer freaked out, jumped out of bed and told them to stop. You never know what will cause someone to freak out, but obviously if double penetration wasn’t something he was comfortable with he should have set that boundary before it happened.

I started making out with Karen. Throw a rubber on my cock and began fucking her. I think at this point Sawyer was just watching the whole thing. Khloe was eating out my girlfriend while I fucked her. At some point I felt like I was going to cum if I kept going so I pulled out for a little while. Mariah climbed on top of Khloe, who was lying on the bed after I fucked her. They started making out. Sawyer asked Mariah if she wanted any water and she said yes so he left the room to get it for her. I started fingering Mariah from behind while she was on top of Khloe. The scene was really hot with all the girls on the bed. Riley had left the room at this point and I am not sure what happened to Jeremy. I started fucking Mariah doggy style while she was making out with Khloe until I came. Then I told my girlfriend I wanted to watch her get fucked by Jeremy.

Sadly he was a bit big for her. She didn’t really enjoy it and I think he could tell because he kept asking her if she was already. Now this is a lesson I learned from the lifestyle…so many guys want huge cocks, but in reality many girls just don’t enjoy getting fucked by them. Around 7 inches or so seems to be the right size for many, while five inches is considered average, less than five is just too small and my girlfriend always complains after to me that she hardly feels anything and more than 8 too big. Too think appears to be a bit of a problem also. Tree trunks and pussies don’t seem to mix well, lol. But then again to each his own. There are girls that are just size queens and love a supersized cock.

Anyway, moving on.  Sawyer appeared to be a bit disappointed.  Apparently it was his birthday and I don't believe he even got any action while his wife got double pentrated by two guys and fucked by me.  It is amazing how timid some guys can be and how wild some girls can be.

Nothing else action wise happened between any of the Couples during the party.  The hostess Mackenzie did go a little cock crazy and wanted to suck my cock but I think she was a bit too drunk at that point in the night.  She sucked me for like thirty seconds and then ran off somewhere and before we left was begging us to stay because she wanted to blow me.

One interesting thing to note was a Couple's reaction our HIV/Std question.  At some point in the night an attractive Couple arrived and as we were chatting with them we asked them the question and the male half of the Couple got offended and said, "what the f*** do we need to get tested for?"  That quickly ended our interaction with them.  I don't really understand how people can be so idiotic when it comes to safe sex or even worse, have the nerve to get hostile when asked when they were last tested :-(

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