The Karma Sutra Lounge Vampires Ball - MFMF Full Swap

Background: This party took place on Saturday, August 14th at a bar in Suffolk County, Long Island. It was an On-Premise party hosted by the Karma Sutra Lounge

The Following is Written Through Her Perspective:

This was our second Karma Sutra Lounge Party we attended. The first was a house party with a Toga theme. This time they had a party at a regular bar that was closed just for this party. We didn’t want to get dressed up in the typical Halloween type Vampire costume so we decided to go for the “Twilight” vampire look and just try to make ourselves pale and dress in nice clothes. We also got some fake blood to drip down the sides of our mouth. It didn’t work out as well as we planned, but we tried. We are not huge fans of themed parties just because of all the work that has to go into the costume. We just preferred to go to a party and not have to deal with all that stuff.

We almost didn’t make it to the party because we got lost on our way there, but eventually we figured it out. Apparently a lot of people had trouble finding the place because for some reason the address wasn’t coming up right in navigation systems. I think a lot of people gave up and didn’t show up.

We knew the hosts Kelly & Moses and when we got inside Moses took us around and introduced us to everyone. We were very surprised at how few people dressed up in costume. There were a few people that pulled out there old Halloween costume and a few that just went with plastic fangs. We didn’t really meet anyone that caught our interest right away so we just hung out for awhile by ourselves and got some drinks. This was supposed to be an on-premise party, but we did not see any play areas in the bar so we were a bit confused. They were also selling alcohol at the bar which usually does not happen at an on-premise event in New York so we thought that perhaps we were mistakenly under the impression that the party was on-premise. Then we heard someone say that the play area was upstairs. We went over to Moses to ask him and he said he would show us the upstairs. We proceeded to go outside which again confused me, but the play area was actually a small apartment on top of the bar and you had to get there using a staircase outside. The apartment had two play rooms and one had a real bed and a pretty good air mattress that was the same height as the regular bed. It wasn’t the most ideal looking place to play, but it was definitely better than no place to play at all.

We went back down to the party and hung out by the bar for a little while and chatted with a few couples. We were getting bored though and didn’t think anything was going to happen. We saw an attractive couple by themselves so we decided that I should go chat with them while my boyfriend finished up a conversation with someone else we knew. The couple’s names were Jen and Sean. I talked to them for awhile and got to know their story and had good chemistry. A few minutes later my boyfriend came over and we all chatted for awhile. It was very loud in there so it was mostly me and Jen talking and flirting. We made out a little and she flashed us her boobs. It was a lot of fun, but we couldn’t take it any further down there so I asked her if they wanted to head upstairs to the apartment. She said yes, but she wanted to finish her drink first. She was taking forever so Sean told her to just leave it and let’s go upstairs. Then the four of us headed up there together.

Moses was up there giving the tour to a few people, but we just ignored them and chose the good bedroom with the real bed of course. It was freezing in there so we turned the AC off and couldn’t turn on the lights because it was way too bright with them on so we had to leave the door opened a little for some light to come in. Jen I started to play with each other while to guys watched and got turned on. We wanted to the guys to join in, but Sean wanted to watch some more. My boyfriend came over and started to make out with us and then of course Sean came in and wanted some action too. We slowly swapped partners, but stayed close to each other for awhile. I went down on Sean for a minute and he seemed to enjoy it a lot so I decided to stop because I didn’t want him to cum yet and then I told him to go down on me. It was good and I got to have a nice view of my boyfriend and Jen playing while I was getting pleasured by Sean. I saw them start to have sex and I came. Then I gave Sean the condom and he started to fuck me missionary style. I told him to fuck me hard how I like it and it was really good. He was really into it and was about to cum so he switched positions to doggy style. I got to watch my boyfriend going really hard with Jen doggy style at the same time. Jen was wild and making all sorts of noises and comments about how good he was. We all finished up about the same time and were hanging out on the bed completely satisfied. It was one of the best times we have had with a couple so far. Then we all got cleaned up and headed back downstairs. The place was almost empty by that time and I don’t think that it was too late either. On that note we decided it was time to head home.

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