Apartment Party - MFMF Full Swap

Background: This party took place on Saturday, November 6, 2010. It was hosted by a couple that we’ve come to be good friends with in the lifestyle. It was an on-premise party at their apartment in Queens, NY. Please note that all names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

The Following is Written Through His Perspective:

The party started at 9 p.m. We technically arrived around 10, but it took us over thirty minutes to find parking. Once inside almost everyone that would show up was already there. There was Anthony and Nancy, Dimitry and Natasha, and the hosts, Lenny & Jenn. We started drinking right off the bat. We love to party, goof off and just have a good time. Natasha was cute and I had a lot of chemistry with her but Dimitry, her husband, hardly said more than a couple of words the entire night. A few hours in and another couple we’ve known for awhile arrived, Tim and Gina.

The first two into the bedroom was Lenny and Natasha. It seemed as though he couldn’t wait to have sex with her. There were two beds in the bedroom. A regular queen sized bed and an air bed. Lenny brought Natasha onto the airbed to have his way with her. My girlfriend, Nancy, and I went in after and my girlfriend and Nancy started playing with each other on the regular bed. Natasha’s husband came into the room and came over to Nancy and my girlfriend and started touching them. As a side note we have noticed that there are two types of swingers, the kind that sticks with a swap and the kind that thinks it is a free-for-all. It seems that Dimitry fell into the latter category. Instead of giving attention to Jenn, which would make more sense, he went for my girlfriend and Nancy. They politely declined his advances and with a look of disappointment he went over to his wife and Lenny who were in full swing, so to speak. Lenny and Natasha ended up back on the regular bed and Nancy, my girlfriend and I headed to the air mattress where Nancy revealed some disappointing news.

I’ve wanted to play with Nancy for some time now. Many parties ago we hung out with Anthony and Nancy, and Anthony had sex with my girlfriend. For some reason Nancy disappeared when it came time to play with me. We had absolutely no idea what had happened to her and thought it was very odd and inappropriate, but let it go. Tonight we found out why. Apparently Anthony is full swap and Nancy is just girl on girl. Nancy felt really bad that we didn’t know and told us that she always tells couples that before any play, but she had somehow neglected to share that tidbit of information with us. A bit disappointing, but what is done is done.

Once Lenny was done fucking Natasha, all play in the room seemed to have subsided. At some point Dimitry made some sort of nasty comment with the meaning being something along the lines of, “isn’t this supposed to be a swinger’s party.” They left shortly after that statement. Not everyone wants to play indiscriminately…people do have standards, taste, criteria, etc. If he didn’t want his wife playing and him getting no action he should have gone about it a totally different way.

Anthony was acting a bit odd, not in a very playful mood with anyone and Nancy went to see if he was okay. They too left shortly after. We aren’t sure why. Tim and Gina joined us on the bed and we began to have fun with them. I went down on Gina while Tim went down on my girlfriend. After Gina came, Tim was still going down on my girlfriend so I took Gina onto the regular bed and began fucking her missionary. After I came, I noticed that Tim was stilling going down on my girlfriend so I brought Gina back to the air bed and went down on her again. I made Gina cum at least one more time but she was moaning like a….well I don’t know like what, but it was a whole lot of moaning and I wouldn’t be surprised if she came more than once.

During this time Lenny was on the bed with Jenn. Jenn was trying to wake Lenny up, he fell asleep and was actually snoring, lol. I suppose he wore himself out thoroughly because he never did wake up again, which seemed to be a big disappointment for Jenn since she didn’t seem comfortable playing without Lenny.

Anyway, Tim began fucking my girlfriend missionary and I took Gina back onto the regular bed and fucked her doggy style. I kept looking back at Tim and my girlfriend. I enjoy watching her get fucked. It is a huge turn on for me, but when I looked back at one point Tim literally fucked my girlfriend off the bed. I found this too funny to continue so I stopped fucking Gina. Tim and my girlfriend stopped also to take a break. We called it a night shortly after and headed home.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot going on, both emotionally and physically! Its interesting to me to hear all the hang ups going on in the midst of all the playing. While I continue to explore where and if I fit into the swinger lifestyle, I know right now I would have a hard time letting go of a lot of the little things you described happening at the party. Its hard for me to relax and be turned on when there is miscommunication and people who are being kind of inappropriate, etc.

Anonymous said...

great story! we know it takes alot of time updating the blog but we would love to hear about more adventures and parties! Would also like to see some new updated pics of your GF if possible??

J said...

We update the blog as frequently as we can, but as for pictures please refer to the last Half-Nekkid Thursday post. Since that has been posted not one person has sent us a suggestion. As a result, we haven't felt really inclined to do any more photos.

Anonymous said...

how about a picture from behind showing your gorgeous girlfriend's feet? :)

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