Club Possibilities Closed & No Bed Bugs At Encounters?

Before we begin this post, some of you may be wondering, "why do they post this crap?".  The simple answer is that we swing in New York and many of our readers do also, so these postings may actually impact their plans for the weekend.  Anyway, now on to the swinger gossip.

No Bed Bugs at Club Encounters?

Because we go to Club Encounters a lot we visit their forum every couple of weeks.  In a previous post we mentioned the rumor about the bed bugs and our fear that they were true because all the beds were removed from Encounters.  The site adminstrator of the Encounter's Forum had this to say:
Unlike all of the rumors going around, there are NO bed bugs in Encounters. We have a fresh linen delivery every week AND mattress protectors that protect against a bed bug invasion. The beds were removed by our full-time cleaner for our floor waxing company to wax all of the floors. Unfortunately this cleaner got into a car accident and was out for a few days, so we had nobody to put the beds back. The beds will be back by this weekend, along with our shiny like-new floors.
Club Possibilities Closed?

Margaret and Andy who run Club Possibilities used to run Club Encounters and therefore have an account on their Forum.  While I do not know if they still have access to their account, the following was posted on the Encounter's Forum from it:

Hi Everyone,

We'd just like to make an announcement, Show World was raided by the town of babylon last week and the town discovered that the owner Phil didn't have the proper permits and suffolk county board of health approval. Given the numerous building code and fire code violations they discovered, they forced us to close our doors.  Please call the Suffolk county office of wastewater management if you support us, and ask them to review and reconsider our file. We urge you to do this or Show World will be no more. Their phone number is (631) 852-5800 please help us out, be sure to let them know how you feel. So as of right now Club Possibilities will be ceasing operation. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Margaret & Andy

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Anonymous said...

I just sent u a message on the ask a question thing . Its up to you if you want to post it minus the place in SI I gave u .\


J said...

Him: Hey Dennis, the Ask a Question feature limits how long a question can be so most of the message you posted through it was cut off. You can e-mail us the entire message to our e-mail account which can be found under the Contact tab on the top of this page :-)

Anonymous said...

I sent you two emails .


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