The Couples Network Off-Premise/On-Premise Party: MFMF Full Swap

Background: We had plans with a Couple we have been seeing on Friday, November 19th. Sadly the female half of that Couple got her period that week and we couldn’t play. We decided to see if we could find a party to attend for the next night, Saturday the 20th. We posted an advertisement on the Swing Life Style “Hot Date” feature letting Couples know that we would be in New Jersey on Saturday night and that we wanted to attend an on-premise party. We received a response from a Couple, Janice and Eddie, who told us about a party called “The Couples Network” in Suffern, NY which was very close to where we were that they were going to. We contacted the hosts to get on the guest list and off we were.

The Following is Written Mostly From Her Perspective.  His Perspective is in Blue.  Black is Her Perspective:

The party was held at a regular bar, which was closed for this private party. When we got there we found out that the bar was actually off premise but there was going to be an after party at a hotel nearby. That was a little disappointing because we prefer not to have to change locations to play. We hoped that if we did meet a couple that we liked, that they would have reserved a room at the hotel.

When we got there we saw a few couples that we knew from the scene. We talked to them for a little while and they introduced us to other couples. It’s funny that even though we were in New Jersey we still end up running into people we know. Many swingers definitely don’t mind traveling, especially us.

We walked around a little to see what else was going on and another couple introduced themselves to us. We ended up talking to them for awhile and had good chemistry with them. They were not planning on going to the hotel afterwards though, but we might get together with them another time.

Then Janice and Eddie, the couple that invited us to the party, saw us and we started talking. We hit it off with them right away.

I found Janice to be very attractive. She was in her late twenties, 5’6’, thin and Puerto Rican.

Janice is really into girls so it was easy to have fun with them. We drank and danced a lot together. She was really into dancing which isn’t something we normally do, but since we were at an off-premise party there wasn’t much else to do besides drink and dance. I danced and made out with Janice a lot before the guys joined us.

Janice was pretty wild on the dance floor. She was really grinding into me. We were making out and I started to finger her on the dance floor.

Eric asked me if we wanted to go hangout at their hotel room and I told we were ready to go.
We followed them over to their hotel and we got into things very quickly. We all got into the bed and Janice got on top of me and we kissed and then she went down on me a little and then Eddie joined her. Then she switched over to my boyfriend and he went down on her while Eddie was going down on me. He made me cum and then I gave him a blow job and watched my boyfriend and Janice while she gave him a blow job and then he started to fuck her missionary.

I don’t like to say anything negative on this blog because a lot of those Couples that we play with read it, but I also want to be as honest as possible in describing what our experiences are like and that includes what we thought and felt in the moment, and for me, while Janice was gorgeous, she gave me perhaps one of the worst blow jobs I ever had. It may have been a result of having a lot to drink, but regardless of the reason, for a brief moment I looked at my girlfriend with panic stricken eyes scared that my cock was about to be sawed off with her teeth. The blow job was almost all teeth and she was going really hard and fast so I got panicky and got her off me as soon as possible and began fucking her missionary.

Eddie and I were behind them and then Eddie started to have sex with me missionary. I had a good view of my boyfriend from behind, but he couldn’t see me at all and I know that he really likes to watch. While Eddie was fucking me my right butt check went numb for some reason so I made him switch to doggy style which felt better. I think it was because of the angle of his cock. Then my boyfriend turned around to get a better view of us and he did Janice doggy style too.

I must have been about fifteen minutes into fucking Janice missionary and I really wanted to see my girlfriend getting pleasured so I turned Janice around and went to go fuck her doggy style but she must have gotten confused or something because she immediately went to give Eddie a blow job, and in the process thereby stopping my girlfriend from fucking him. I think everyone in that moment was confused. I managed to slide her back to me and proceeded to fuck her doggy until I came.

Eddie stopped fucking me and went down on me again, but I already came so that didn’t really work for me. My boyfriend was still fucking Janice and then he came. Eddie tried to fuck me again but he was having some problems so he went to the bathroom. When he came back Janice wanted him to get her another drink, but he didn’t want to give it to her. Then she put her shirt on and went into the bed. Eddie told her she should take it off but she didn’t want to. We decided it was time to go because she was acting a little strange. I think she just drank too much. She was laughing a lot and kept saying “hey, hey, hey” almost like Fat Albert. It was an interesting evening and we were glad that they invited us to the party. It was our first time going to play at a hotel with a couple and it was a fun experience. Off-premise parties aren’t so bad after all, but still prefer on-premise.

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